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Star Coupe Vinal Top Covering
I've just purchased a '27 Star M coupe. One of the things that will need addressed is the vinal top. I think it has been replaced sometime in the past and is a somewhat amateurish installation. Therefore, if anyone has a Star M or R coupe with an original top, would...
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Last Post: Aug 16, 2023 11:47am
by Don Shilling
headlight lens gasket
Is a gasket used at all for the glass headlight lens? If so, is it used between the reflector and glass headlight lens or between the lens and the ring cover.
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Last Post: Aug 20, 2023 7:10am
by Bill Hoge
DeVaux automobile article
Probably old news, but interesting article on DeVaux history in Antique Automobile of March/April 1972 by the late Richard Larrowe. The Hall-Scott engine in these cars has a remarkable pedigree.
Views: 107   Replies: 3
Last Post: Aug 22, 2023 12:54pm
by Wayne Farrand
steeldraulic brakes
Just wanting to verify something for my 1931 model 619. I had a rear axle/differential that I got years ago set up recently. Had a knowledgeable differential guy check it out and make adjustments. Only issue remaining is that the brake cable coming out of the backing...
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Last Post: Aug 28, 2023 7:43pm
by Rick Botti
1924 Flint Touring on Hemmings Auctions
There is a 1924 Flint E-55 touring for sale on Hemmings Auctions. Located in Winnemucca, Nevada. 13 days remaining on the auction.
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Last Post: Sep 6, 2023 10:26am
by Robert Bush
Distributor advance
Would anyone have a picture of how the cable is attached to the distributor on a 31 Durant 612?
Views: 84   Replies: 3
Last Post: Sep 8, 2023 7:13pm
by Earnie
Headlight lens
Someone put flat glass in for my headlight lenses in my 31 Durant 612 they measure about 9” doses anyone no a part number or a source to get them. They don’t seem very bright do you think the proper lenses will help?
Views: 60   Replies: 3
Last Post: Sep 14, 2023 4:26am
by Norm Toone
RHD Durant in Kenya
Hi, I am a car restorer based in Nairobi, Kenya and I look after a 40 odd classic car collection. The latest addition is the only Durant in the country. It's RHD and in running order. I am not sure of the actual model, as I have been unable to locate a chassis p...
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Last Post: May 14, 2023 8:04am
by Norm Toone
carburator for 614
is there a newer replacement carb available for the potmetal Stromburg
Views: 79   Replies: 2
Last Post: May 11, 2023 9:46am
by Rick Botti
Oldcars Weekly Article
Oldcarsweekly did an article about our newsletter and club
Views: 61   Replies: 1
Last Post: May 5, 2023 9:05am
by Rick Botti
Holiday time
Hi Guys: I am going to be in Seattle for a few days. Do we have any members that I might be able to visit? Gord
Views: 39   Replies: 0
Last Post: May 4, 2023 7:51am
by Gordon F. Curl
Free Early Star Frame
Posted this from a non member looking to give away an early Star frame. Rick My folks who lived in central Washington have passed away and my siblings and I are dealing with their stuff. The property has been sold and we have a limited amount of time to remove...
Views: 41   Replies: 0
Last Post: May 2, 2023 6:01pm
by Rick Botti
Does anyone have a recommendation for someone to repair my ammeter? The needle was all the way to the left whether the car was running or not. I had to remove the dash to get to it. When I got it out, the needle went back to the middle. If you've had a similar exp...
Views: 53   Replies: 1
Last Post: May 1, 2023 4:12am
by Norm Toone
East coast Chapter Spring Meet
All you Durantonions east of the Mississippi. With Covid and everything behind us now it’s time to have a spring meet. I’ll start working on it and AnnJean DeVries has volunteered to help. The question is “where would you like to go”? We can g...
Views: 553   Replies: 33
Last Post: Apr 29, 2023 1:15pm
by Mike Linthicum
Durant Emblem (early yrs)
I recently found an Durant Emblem from early years while metal detecting an 1800.s house. After researching a bit I am loving these collector cars. I cant tell how early it is, are there any noticable differences between 1922-1926? It has a Silver Dragon and still ha...
Views: 86   Replies: 5
Last Post: Apr 27, 2023 11:54am
by Norm Toone
bndix spring
Today I broke the Bendix spring on my 129 model 60. Does anyone have a spare they can Sbring to the Spring Fling Monday? Rick
Views: 41   Replies: 0
Last Post: Apr 23, 2023 6:15pm
by Rick Botti
Tour season
Now that tour season is upon us in N. America(kind of), time to think about our fuel systems. Check out website for The Carb Doctor for suggestions on dealing with the fuels we have today. They also recommend rebuilding your fuel pump every ten years as a service ite...
Views: 63   Replies: 1
Last Post: Apr 19, 2023 7:21am
by Mike Linthicum
Wheel bolt grade
Does anyone know what grade bolts the factory used on the 1930-31 Durants. Mine are 2" long 7/16" and 14 tread pitch 7/16X2-14 I found replacements from McMaster-Carr grade 5, I wasn't able to find a higher grade anywhere. Rick
Views: 81   Replies: 3
Last Post: Mar 31, 2023 7:51pm
by Don Shilling
Carburetor for W5
I am looking for any information on a replacement carburetor for my 26 Star W5. 2 3/8” space between mounting holes. I see there are many options for 2 3/8” spacing for example Zenith 14991. ($500.00) Are there more affordable options? Thank you for yo...
Views: 120   Replies: 4
Last Post: Mar 30, 2023 10:20pm
by Ross Hoevet
Free Star motor
My father who lives In new Windsor ny is going to be moving and has a Star motor if anyone interested he is selling there house and does not want to send to scrap yard if interested let me know thanks Jeff
Views: 42   Replies: 0
Last Post: Mar 30, 2023 9:01am
by Jeff Quicksell
Correct tire size
I’m looking to find the correct tire size for a 1925 Flint E55 Roadster. The car has 6.50 x 20” tires on it currently. any help would be appreciated
Views: 84   Replies: 2
Last Post: Mar 25, 2023 2:55pm
by mike b
The member who called my about parking my trailer for the spring fling I deleted the person before I got the number so if you call me or text me it would be helpful. Don Gaskill gaskill_d@msn.com or 801-927-0339
Views: 35   Replies: 0
Last Post: Mar 20, 2023 10:40am
by Don M Gaskill
1926 vs. 1927 Stars
Many years ago I was in fairly close touch with Jeff Gillis, and was not sure what year my Star was. The car had a 1925 title, but It looked like some 1926's I had seen pictures of. Jeff looked at the serial numbers of the car and said he was possitive it was a 1926....
Views: 89   Replies: 1
Last Post: Mar 8, 2023 4:54am
by Norm Toone
Facebook links on new website
Hi The new website looks nice, but it would be great if links to relevant Facebook sites had been retained. Is it possible to put these in? Regards
Views: 51   Replies: 0
Last Post: Mar 6, 2023 2:05am
by Duncan Smeaton
clutch pad thicknest
Does any one know how thick the clutch pads are on '28-'29 Durant's with W5 motors?
Views: 331   Replies: 6
Last Post: Mar 6, 2023 2:03am
by Duncan Smeaton
The new webpage look ...
Hello Rick, Adam Congratulations the new DMAC webpage looks great. Yes, I noticed a few issues to iron out, but for Day 1 it looks like progress 👍 Bob
Views: 186   Replies: 11
Last Post: Mar 3, 2023 10:25am
by Ross Hoevet
AutoLite Part Numbers
Does anyone have a mid '20's AEA (Automotive Electrical Association) catalog or similar catalog that lists the AutoLite P/N's that Durant used on all it's models of Durant and Star cars? Of particular interest are the early models as they were not listed in the later...
Views: 96   Replies: 3
Last Post: Feb 15, 2023 1:30pm
by Robert Bush
Replating Services
Where would be a good place to have headlight reflectors replated?
Views: 102   Replies: 6
Last Post: Feb 9, 2023 6:20pm
by Don Shilling
An interesting Star and Durant story
The Goldendale, WA Sentinel weekly newspaper where I grew up has been published since 1879. It has a historical column entitled "Bringing Goldendale back to its roots" which reprints previous news stories relating to Goldendale's history. The February 1 edition start...
Views: 57   Replies: 0
Last Post: Feb 9, 2023 4:13pm
by Robert Bush
Message for Mike Linthicum
Mike: Do you remember the man that you and I talked with that lived in Northern Idaho. Also, what year was that? Thanks, Gary
Views: 100   Replies: 2
Last Post: Feb 6, 2023 10:29pm
by Gary J. Yelle
*****Spring Fling Livermore******
It's time to start planning your D.M.A.C event for the year. Before you know it April 24 is just around the corner. Get your reservations in soon and enjoy miles of smiles. Happy 25 year all.
Views: 76   Replies: 1
Last Post: Feb 2, 2023 7:17am
by Robert Bush
I am planning on coming to both events Livermore in April then Folsom in Sept "BUT" thats a drive pulling a trailer, 2 time so I am looking for a place to park my 18 foot trailer and car between both events. If someone has space around Folsom it would be a big help.
Views: 84   Replies: 1
Last Post: Jan 29, 2023 11:30am
by michael babick
membership dues
You know, every year at dues time I am never sure which clubs I am up to date on. I ( I belong to seven different car clubs ) . Could we publish dues status elsewhere on the web site. I hate having to bug people every year to see if I have already paid my dues. Just...
Views: 62   Replies: 0
Last Post: Jan 24, 2023 10:10am
by Curtis Bartell
Roof top bracket for 1926 Star
I trying to find some pictures or info on the bracket and or arm that holds the top up when the top is back. As of now the top is setting on my spare tires and covering the tail light. Any help would be appreciated!
Views: 219   Replies: 12
Last Post: Jan 2, 2023 4:32am
by Norm Toone
To all my fellow Durantonians: "Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year!"
Views: 62   Replies: 1
Last Post: Dec 25, 2022 7:25pm
by Jack CONNOR
I am looking for starter drive for a 1929 Durant M4 4cly with a Autolite MZ4012 starter? or part number
Views: 50   Replies: 0
Last Post: Dec 24, 2022 3:19pm
by Don M Gaskill
2023 Calendars and toppers
The 2023 DMAC calendars are available .. $10 each with $5.60 shipping ($15.60 US) You can also purchase the new "25th year DMAC topper" for $40.00 to go with your calendar Calendar 10.00 Topper 40.00 shipping for both 10.40 total $60.40 US See paymen...
Views: 90   Replies: 2
Last Post: Dec 21, 2022 7:16am
by Frank Witkowski
Crankshaft damper
Does anyone have a 22A crankshaft damper/pulley or can these be rebuilt? Fellow contacted me through the club(he's rebuilding the engine for someone else), and was having problems with what he's got. Seems like Frank Witkowski might have some info on this? Thanks
Views: 45   Replies: 0
Last Post: Dec 15, 2022 11:00pm
by Ross Hoevet
Wheel Bearing/ Flint
My Flint has a rear wheel bearing Gilliam 0415 T. Does anyone know a new number or alternate maker for this one, it is 3.48 inch outer diameter and is 1 inch thick ?
Views: 75   Replies: 1
Last Post: Dec 13, 2022 7:56am
by Robert Bush
Auto-Lite Catalog Numbering System
Does anyone have an Auto-Lite catalog from the '30's that shows what the catalog numbering system stands for? An example is IGB-4006-B which is a distributor out of a 1929 Model 60 Durant. The starter is MZ-xxxx and the generator is GAL-xxxx. I am trying to decipher...
Views: 92   Replies: 2
Last Post: Dec 11, 2022 9:19am
by Robert Bush
Engine and chassis no
Hi Everyone Can anybody help where can i find the engine and chassis number on my 1929 Durant?
Views: 99   Replies: 3
Last Post: Dec 8, 2022 1:14pm
by Norm Toone
Doctor's Coupe
Hello.. I am looking at purchasing a 1923 Durant Doctors Coupe and wanted to ask a couple of questions. 1) Does anyone have any history on the Doctors coupe and was it manufactured by Durant or an after market upgrade? 2) what value would you place on the Doctor's co...
Views: 284   Replies: 23
Last Post: Dec 1, 2022 9:49pm
by Ross Hoevet
1922 Star front wheel inner seal.
Is there a modern replacement seal for the front wheel inner bearing. The wheels and axles are believed to be off a 1922 4 cylinder Star touring car It has wood spoke wheels and uses 21" split rims. Thank you
Views: 143   Replies: 1
Last Post: Nov 29, 2022 12:16pm
by Curtis Bartell
Doctor's Coupe
Hello.. I am considering a purchase of a 1923 Durant Doctor's Coupe. Great condition. Runs good. I just wanted to get a little information on the vehicle and what better place to ask. 1.) Does anyone know the history and the Doctor's Coupe and if it was originally ma...
Views: 60   Replies: 0
Last Post: Nov 26, 2022 8:01am
by Hamp Smith
Hershey, Pennsylvania Car Show
For those of you Durantonians that have never been to the largest car show in the world! Here is an aerial view of what it's like. Over 9,000 flea market spaces, average of 1,200 cars for sale, antique car races, auction and much much more. Just about every car club...
Views: 114   Replies: 1
Last Post: Nov 23, 2022 6:16pm
by Douglas Burris
Website Updates
Recent updates. At the top of Technical Page is a new data collection form for your car's info and picture. New Club online store has been activated. Rick
Views: 118   Replies: 4
Last Post: Nov 5, 2022 11:12am
by michael babick
Devaux for sale in Portland
Hi: That DeVaux is from Jeff Chromens collection. Long story but Jeff and I talked just after he sent his cars to auction. It was purchased by a man that used to run his cars in the Great Race. We chated in Tacomo years ago when the race ended in downtown Tacoma....
Views: 174   Replies: 4
Last Post: Oct 21, 2022 10:52pm
by Gary J. Yelle
Rearend ratio
I found out that my Durant has a rearend ratio of 4.44. I am planning to build and speedster because I have only the mechanical parts. Then, I am studing the posibility of changing the ring gear and pinion, from a local manufacturer, to have something closer to 3.5,...
Views: 141   Replies: 2
Last Post: Oct 14, 2022 5:53pm
by Rogelio Hecker
Anyone from the UK?
Anyone in here from the UK ? Just dropped into a Rugby Model R and will be needing some parts!!!
Views: 69   Replies: 0
Last Post: Oct 10, 2022 11:47am
by Stuart Hart
New Durant Partner
Hi folk: I got my New Durant Partner in the mail yesterday. It was nicely enclosed in an envelope, so arrived in my mail box in good shape. I read most of it yesterday and the balance today. The articles were great, and I especially enjoyed the article by Tim Jorda...
Views: 71   Replies: 0
Last Post: Sep 28, 2022 11:47am
by Gordon F. Curl
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