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Rear main seal
I am ready to put the car on the road but have a serious oil leak around the rear main seal. I have searched the Durant forum and the internet and looks like a few solutions. (a)Try adding an additive such as blue devil, (b)replace the rope seal with a new one or a c...
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Last Post: Sep 7, 2018 8:16am
by Bill Hoaglan
The story of Leaside 1931
I found this picture from the Toronto Public Library website. The picture can be found on page 18 of the book. The book was published in 1931 and can be download for free from the link below. https://static.torontopubliclibrary.ca/da/pdfs/31385029308291.pdf...
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Last Post: Aug 31, 2018 5:55pm
by Ross
Homemade Doodlebug/Spray rig built from Durant or Star, looking for info
Hello: I recently purchased a homemade tractor made in the 40's to spray apple orchards. It is very complete and not in bad shape, but engine is tight from sitting. I was told it was built from a 1929 Durant, and the hood and radiator shell are Durant. There are n...
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Last Post: Aug 30, 2018 5:28pm
by John Asmus
Reg Bent's Roadster
Just posted five new pictures of Reg Bent's beautiful 1930 model 614 Roadster in the Photographs page under the Durant section. Rick
Views: 296   Replies: 7
Last Post: Aug 30, 2018 12:46pm
by Ross
22AA Starter
I tried to delete my post below this, wasn't successful... I need a complete starter for a 1930 or 31 Durant 22AA engine. Any help or information is greatly appreciated!
Views: 157   Replies: 0
Last Post: Aug 30, 2018 12:23pm
by John Asmus
22A Starter Needed!
Last year I bought a starter on eBay that was supposed to fit my 1929 Continental 22A engine. Unfortunately it's not even close! Does anybody know of a complete starter for sale? I'm so close to starting this engine and I'm pretty dismayed that the starter doesn't fi...
Views: 150   Replies: 1
Last Post: Aug 30, 2018 12:18pm
by John Asmus
Durant Model 40 Tourer?
I thought you may be interested in these photographs of (so I'm told) a Durant Model 40 Tourer in daily life in Southern Rhodesia around 1930. They are scanned from glass negatives taken by my grandfather, who was a hunter/gold miner at the time. The large la...
Views: 225   Replies: 4
Last Post: Aug 29, 2018 4:16am
by John Paré
Graf Zeppelin & Durant in Argentina
I don't remember where I found this, but it is a nice piece of history. The title read, Graf Zeppelin arriving in Buenos Aires, 1934. The Durant could be either a 1928 or 1929 Sedan. Up until the recession of 2008, there was a modern day Zeppelin based in Mounta...
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Last Post: Aug 26, 2018 11:49am
by Rick Botti
Rugby pick up on HCCA
not mine.... 1930 Rugby Pickup 1930 Rugby Pickup Click photo for MORE Photos This 1930 Rugby Pickup is Black with wood bed and trim Runs, Drives, & Tours well on her 4 cyl engine Show quality restoration Megabucks (not by me) Robertson screws (since...
Views: 197   Replies: 1
Last Post: Aug 21, 2018 12:36pm
by Mike Linthicum
rubber balls
A gentleman in Australia is in need of a set (16) rubber balls used on some Durant products. Are they available?
Views: 200   Replies: 1
Last Post: Aug 20, 2018 4:01pm
by Don Shilling
DMAC Election Ballots Sent Out
Hi All.... The Ballots for the election of officers have been sent out. We got ours yesterday. Also got a completed one from a member. Remember this is YOUR Club, Please vote. Thanks...........Frank
Views: 276   Replies: 5
Last Post: Aug 20, 2018 9:34am
by Frank Witkowski
Ed had chosen this weekend in Staten Island for another reason (besides the East Coast AACA Meet of 500 cars). He knew that the Hilton Garden Inn has a Cabaret Performance several times a year-and there is one scheduled the weekend we are in Staten Island for our me...
Views: 305   Replies: 5
Last Post: Aug 16, 2018 3:51pm
by D J Federlein
TODAY IS AUGUST 13! One month until the meet!!!!
All right Durantonians- it is one month until our meet in Staten Island. SO, if you have NOT made your hotel reservations yet-today is the last day to get that $139 a night rate. If you have not mailed in your registration fees- take care of that soon. If you have...
Views: 660   Replies: 0
Last Post: Aug 13, 2018 7:13am
by Peggy Spitz
619 on Craigs list
Not mine.... 1931 Durant 619 Deluxe with dual sidemounts. ONLY ONE!!! - $5000 (EAU CLAIRE WI) 1931 DURANT fuel: gas title status: missing transmission: manual 1931 DURANT MODEL 619 DELUXE. ONE OF 1000 619s MADE. WITH ONLY 16 KNOWN TO EXIST AND OUT OF...
Views: 273   Replies: 3
Last Post: Aug 8, 2018 6:21am
by Brian Johnson
Views: 213   Replies: 1
Last Post: Aug 5, 2018 6:03pm
by Ken Mc Cormick
Had a guy call me after I put a parts wanted add on the aaca for devaux parts,this guy was smooth he was cleaning up his late fathers estate,had wheels and the trunk rack I needed,if you get a call from 775 area code by Edwin that would be him,watch out guys, Dave
Views: 178   Replies: 0
Last Post: Aug 4, 2018 4:06pm
by Dave enrico
Looking for a roommate at Staten Island. Meet
Hi Everyone- I got a call from a member who is really interested in coming to the Staten Island Meet. Since it is just him, he is interested in sharing a double Queen room with another member who would like to come-share a room and expenses for the room. Anyone int...
Views: 166   Replies: 0
Last Post: Aug 4, 2018 12:18pm
by Peggy Spitz
1922 Star on Ebay Motors.
Looks like an original 1922/23 Star listed on Ebaymotors.com. Ad says it's a barn find. Don't know about that, but looks like a little steam cleaning and fluid refreshment and maybe she'd be a drive as is car.
Views: 244   Replies: 4
Last Post: Aug 4, 2018 6:13am
by Norm Toone
Horn Button 1926 Star
I have checked the archives and see a lot of queries regarding Horn Buttons but nothing about the operation. I am not able to get the horn (switch) to work. I have checked all my wiring and have eliminated every thing except the switch.. When I take the wire ru...
Views: 187   Replies: 1
Last Post: Aug 3, 2018 7:16am
Update from the Hilton Garden Inn in Staten Island
Hi Everyone! I got an email today from the Hilton Garden Inn in Staten Island. The event coordinator informed me we have two more weeks until the room rate that Ed secured for our Meet will no longer be honored. SO, if your planning on attending this year's Meet-and...
Views: 171   Replies: 0
Last Post: Jul 31, 2018 8:21pm
by Peggy Spitz
Views: 312   Replies: 5
Last Post: Jul 23, 2018 8:10am
by Don Shilling
New Pics
Just finished some background maintenance and also added three new pictures of Ken Hoshowski's 1926 Star Panel truck. He added a very nice Durant/Star decal to it. You can see them in the Photograph section under Star > Panel Truck - Ken Hoshowski. Rick
Views: 182   Replies: 0
Last Post: Jul 22, 2018 1:13pm
by Rick Botti
Today marks the 2 month mark UNTIL our 20th DMAC Meet
Hello everyone. Today marks the 2 month mark until we all get together again in Staten Island for our 20th Meet! IF you have NOT made your reservations or sent in your registration-NOW IS THE TIME! Ed is continuing to work on making everything run like clockwork for...
Views: 174   Replies: 1
Last Post: Jul 20, 2018 2:42pm
by Charles A. Spitz...
Sold My 1929 Durant D66 Deluxe Sedan.
Brought the Durant in 1982 from Harold Burraston of Murrurundi, NSW. Restored over the years to 1999 when it was registered and won Peoples choice and equal restoration of the year with a 1935 Buick. Have been to several rallies including Adelaide Bay to Birdwood, A...
Views: 355   Replies: 4
Last Post: Jul 18, 2018 6:54am
by Mike Linthicum
Rosie Larsen's 1930 Durant Coupe
Rosie Larsen's 1930 Durant Coupe took double trophies at the Concours D Elegance in Forest Grove, Oregon today. She is so proud. This is the one car Mike owned that she wanted to restore in his memory.
Views: 301   Replies: 4
Last Post: Jul 17, 2018 10:34am
by Ross
Steeldraulic Brakes
A few weeks back a friend sent me some background information on the DeVaux. Included in this is a 7 page discussion on the "Characteristics of Construction" of Steeldraulic Brakes. I printed up 10 copies and will send it to anyone interested. My e-mail is garyyel...
Views: 359   Replies: 5
Last Post: Jul 12, 2018 7:11pm
by Ken Mc Cormick
Star distributor set up
Hi folks, I just bought a pretty dusty and dirty, non-running 1927 6 cylinder Star automobile and am very happy! There is a problem, however. The distributor is missing . There appears to be a place for it to be installed at the back of the generator and I can se...
Views: 214   Replies: 0
Last Post: Jul 11, 2018 8:20am
by Gary
Star engine
Have a Star motor with this serial number 110587. What can you tell me about it?
Views: 311   Replies: 3
Last Post: Jul 9, 2018 8:08am
by Don Shilling
I went to start the Star a few days ago. I did not have the opportunity to use it last year so it has sat for over a year in a heated garage. It ran and started fine when I drove it into the garage in the fall of 2016. I have installed a new battery. When I engag...
Views: 246   Replies: 2
Last Post: Jul 8, 2018 5:56pm
by Ken Hoshowski
Hooking up the throttle from the bottom of the steering column
I haven't been able to comprehend how this connection is made. The exhaust manifold dumps out at the front of the engine. The throttle connection from the steering column is my puzzle. I have nothing but the piece on the end of the shaft that I'd guess a cable goes u...
Views: 185   Replies: 0
Last Post: Jun 26, 2018 9:49pm
by David Coppess
1915 Dort Clutch lineing specifications
Trying to find the specifications on building a clutch for a 1915 Dort with a Lycoming Engine. I have several clutches and flywheels but none have the lining on them, I was told that there is a template floating around and specs. for a leather lining? Have not been a...
Views: 165   Replies: 1
Last Post: Jun 26, 2018 4:11am
by Norm Toone
Gilmore Museum
Hi All... Great article about the Gilmore Museum in the latest Hemmings Classic Car magazine. We have the opportunity to have a presence there. Please read the article to understand about this great museum. Frank
Views: 273   Replies: 3
Last Post: Jun 25, 2018 12:08pm
by John Connor
1931 Durant 619 deluxe w/duel side mounts
Hey all, I have a couple questions about this car I am looking at. I am wondering what it might be worth? It is 98% complete but needs a total restoration. Is the dual side mounts rare? Original? I can't seem to find anything on it. The car was indoors sitting for...
Views: 300   Replies: 1
Last Post: Jun 24, 2018 6:02pm
by Gordon F. Curl
Late production and one off Durant’s
Recently Gary Yelle posted the whereabouts of a 1932 DeVaux and it stirred my curiousity. What is the latest car manufactured in the Durant family of cars and what is the latest known car on the roads today? In paging through all the information on the DMAC websit...
Views: 293   Replies: 4
Last Post: Jun 24, 2018 1:02pm
by Norm Toone
2019 Calendar
Need pictures for 2019 Calendar. Anyone interested in seeing their car featured in an all new 2019 Calendar of Durant club vehicles. Contact me: Stephanie Smith (azsmith08@gmail.com)
Views: 280   Replies: 2
Last Post: Jun 24, 2018 12:10pm
by mike b
Interesting site I've found
I've discovered a website that is offering archieval newspapers from as early as the early 1900s. On this site I found several articles relating to the Flint Motor Company. The Anaconda Standard in Butte, MT stated that the Flint Roadster, driver that day in the cont...
Views: 292   Replies: 3
Last Post: Jun 22, 2018 12:21pm
by Norm Toone
Battery not charging
It appears that the cut off relay is no longer functioning. I tried to find a replacement on the web without success. Would anyone know of where to find one eithter identical or that can be modified to fit? The generator is Auto-Lite model GAL. Thank you!
Views: 275   Replies: 4
Last Post: Jun 17, 2018 2:32pm
by Claude Lavoie
1923 A22
Hello, I just bought Bobby Carter 1923 A22 out of Ohio. Lots of questions! Continental I4 Runs great, starts right up, no smoke, shifts fine, stops decent. Recent paint, new top and interior, chrome is amazing for 95 years old! What type of oil 30 Non dete...
Views: 362   Replies: 10
Last Post: Jun 15, 2018 12:26pm
by Kenneth Brink
Durant/Star valve stem cap find
Can you help me I.D. this cap? Found it in my shed. Thank you, Terry
Views: 188   Replies: 2
Last Post: Jun 15, 2018 9:36am
by Terry Rhodes
DIY Upholstery
Due the the high cost of having upholstery done, I've decided to give it a try myself. Therefore, to get started, I would like to obtain some original upholstery from a Star C or F model touring car to create some patterns. Anybody have such items to lend out? Don...
Views: 286   Replies: 2
Last Post: Jun 14, 2018 7:27am
by Don Shilling
1928 durant 2 ton pickup 1926 durant yout parts
The cab and frame are a 1928 durant 2 ton pickup and the other one is 1926 durant yout I have a number of parts from my dad's estate. I don't have the knowledge or means to make use of them and i have to liquidate them anyway to pay his bills but i cannot find a w...
Views: 218   Replies: 0
Last Post: Jun 7, 2018 11:12pm
by Christna William...
Need old body wood
My 31 model 619 has finally arrived at the replacement wood stage in its restoration. The body is the same used on models 614 and 407. The roof in my car had a fire in the distance past and I could use old roof wood to use as templates. If anyone out there has one or...
Views: 539   Replies: 18
Last Post: Jun 7, 2018 5:43pm
by Rick Botti
Bumper Badges
Given this bumper badge. Recent forum post had one but this one is a little different. Sid Semple
Views: 214   Replies: 3
Last Post: Jun 5, 2018 4:56pm
by Sid Semple
Pacific Coast Spring Fling Tour
Our Spring Fling Tour is coming up real fast! Many of you that have attended an event in the past will received a registration form in the mail. If you need one the very same registration form can be download this direct link: Registration Form Here Rick
Views: 430   Replies: 6
Last Post: Jun 3, 2018 10:18pm
by Rick Botti
Staten Island Tech Session
We are working on the tech session at the Annual Meet in Staten Island. Roger and Bert will be the hosts of this event. Roger asked if those of you with questions about our cars (and how to keep them running) to let them know what you would like the tech session to b...
Views: 174   Replies: 0
Last Post: Jun 1, 2018 8:58am
by Peggy Spitz
Photo Bucket images are back
Hi All... Anyone else notice that Photo Bucket has restored all the images? Saw on another forum and they are back on here. Frank
Views: 177   Replies: 0
Last Post: May 31, 2018 7:47pm
by frank witkowski
mason truck
I have found what I was told was a 1927 Durant truck that is still all together and in good restorable shape. I am trying to learn as much as I can about it. Any information would be muchly appriecated. Any idea on what it is worth? Please help, thanks. mt arledge
Views: 915   Replies: 7
Last Post: May 27, 2018 7:32am
by Steve Rocca
Torque specs for W5 head bolts
I need to re-torque my W5 head bolts. I couldn't find anything in the Star repair manual or on this site. Anyone got the specs?
Views: 195   Replies: 2
Last Post: May 25, 2018 6:46pm
by Don Shilling
Views: 296   Replies: 5
Last Post: May 24, 2018 10:12pm
Lastest Updates on the Staten Island Meet
I just spoke to Ed tonight about the upcoming Durant Conference in Staten Island. He is very proud of Staten Island, and wanted me to share the website for Old Richmond Town with the group. It is www.historicrichmondtown.org if you would like to check it out. TripA...
Views: 164   Replies: 0
Last Post: May 20, 2018 5:38pm
by Peggy Spitz
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