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Wheel bearings
Does anyone have the correct part numbers for front and rear wheel bearings for a 1926 Star Touring, model F? I will also need numbers for the races. Thanks in advance. Gary
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Last Post: Jan 17, 2009 8:57pm
by Gary Soules
Scrounging for Parts on a Rainy Day
If anybody has a rotted out fuel tank for a '26-27 Star "M" I could sure use the fittings from it. I need the filler neck and the flanges for the fuel line and drain. I don't need the whole tank. This is a rectangular style measuring 33 1/2" long, 7 3/8" tall, and 12...
Views: 366   Replies: 2
Last Post: Jan 17, 2009 4:59pm
by Don Shilling
Durant parts
PS Here's the link to the wheel assembly that I have for sale: www.MrLugnuts.net/pg Click on "Durant wheel assembly" for the pix. Any idea what year this fits?
Views: 411   Replies: 4
Last Post: Jan 16, 2009 6:57pm
by cdmn
W4 Parts
If anyone needs W4 pistons and rods, please contact me. I have two sets available that need a new home.
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Last Post: Jan 16, 2009 9:11am
by Mac Irvine
Instruction Book for 1927 Rugby, Model M
Dear friends, Is there anybody in the Club with a pdf version of the Instruction Book for 1927 Rugby Model M, or even a printed edition. I am willing to find one. I have just received yesterday the original manual of repairs ("Manual de Reparaciones del Rugby")...
Views: 431   Replies: 4
Last Post: Jan 16, 2009 3:27am
by Dib Franciss
Where is the 49th Parallel?
The TV show Millionaire just asked what border the 49th parallel formed between what two countries? 60% percent of the audience said North and South Korea only 29% percent said the US an Canada. Smaller percentages (4 and 7% percent) picked some other countries,...
Views: 413   Replies: 9
Last Post: Jan 16, 2009 3:24am
by Norm Toone
DeVaux owners:
I just received two items of interest on Norman DeVaux. The first is a copy of a letter he sent to a man in Portland in 1924 when he was running the Star factory in Oakland and the second is a article from the Saturday Evening Post on forming DeVaux Hall Motors. Co...
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Last Post: Jan 15, 2009 5:45pm
by garyyelle
29 D-60 Coupe for sale at Portland swap meet
After many years there was no rain at the Portland Or. swap meet this last weekend. It was in the 70's. I saw a few members of out club there. I also saw a 29 D-60 coupe that a man had brought from Eastern Washington. It looked like a complete car but will need r...
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Last Post: Jan 15, 2009 5:32pm
by garyyelle
Hello Everyone, I have a front wheel assembly from a Durant. I don't know what year it is but the hub spins freely-no grinding or slop. I'll post pix on my website later today. Not sure if it's the driver's or passenger's side. I don't want to part it out and I'd li...
Views: 325   Replies: 3
Last Post: Jan 15, 2009 2:07pm
by Lance Chabot
NEW " 20's Old Car Video"
Thought you might enjoy this! Some interesting OLD car history........... WELL WORTH SEEING 5 Minute(VIDEO). Good video on the Teens and 1920's of the Model T Fords in production and Action! Look at the ROAD conditions our DURANT Cars had to deal with! Neat...
Views: 360   Replies: 1
Last Post: Jan 14, 2009 1:14pm
by Carol Fogarazzo
A New Durant Partner Year! ~Please review your classifieds and update or delete
Hello there fellow Durantonians! I thought I would notify those of you who are online to please review your classified ads that appear in the Durant Partner. As you know we spend a lot of money to print and post, so we want to make sure that all content is up to dat...
Views: 330   Replies: 2
Last Post: Jan 14, 2009 1:12pm
by Carol Fogarazzo
14L for sale
I STILL HAVE A EXCELLENT RUNNING COMPLETE 14L ENGINE FOR SALE,INCLUDS CLUTCH.800$ plus shipping.this is the small displacement 14l 1926 27
Views: 320   Replies: 0
Last Post: Jan 13, 2009 6:52am
by brian boys
how to use the new dail telephone 1927
This is off the auto topic a bit, but it is from the Durant era. It is a promotional film made by the telephone company to educate the public on how to use the "New" Dial telephones from 1927. Rick
Views: 345   Replies: 2
Last Post: Jan 12, 2009 9:00pm
by Lance Chabot
Wanted: Star car
I am interested in purchasing a Star. Any Year/Model will be considered. Vehicle should be reasonably priced in fine to excellent condition. Should drive well with original running engine. No rust repair. Please e-mail with price, details, phone number and pictu...
Views: 353   Replies: 2
Last Post: Jan 12, 2009 4:46pm
by Don Shilling
roofing material
Hi everyone Just cleared my driveway AGAIN. Another 4 inches of the white crap. Sure happy to have a 4 trax with a plow--(drive is 200 feet long by 20 ft wide ) svaes me a lot of work I am just wondering what method is used to put the roofing on . I believ...
Views: 419   Replies: 7
Last Post: Jan 12, 2009 12:27pm
by Lance Chabot
Little hand for a Rugby owner in Brazil !
Dear ones, You can't just imagine my happiness when I came to this website and discovered I could have a family, a Durant family! I am a classic pianista and teacher and recently acquired a very very beautiful RUGBY car, which the guy said to be a 1927 RUGBY. I...
Views: 939   Replies: 28
Last Post: Jan 11, 2009 8:20pm
by gary k
Driving in New York City 1928
Here is a fun film from 1928. The driving is a little on the wild side and about 3/4 of the way through the film you'll notice a police car that looks like a Star Roadster. Buckle up for this ride. Rick
Views: 502   Replies: 10
Last Post: Jan 11, 2009 6:48pm
by Jim Geenamyer
New Magazine: Pre War Auto Notes
There is a brand new magazine out this month that covers our era of cars. Primarily the period prior to WWII. It's published in Wisconsin. I emailed the editor and received a complimentary copy to read which I received today. The magazine is new and is in the stage o...
Views: 660   Replies: 10
Last Post: Jan 11, 2009 2:12pm
by Jan
"MUSIC & AUTOMOBILE, a possible interface"
Dear friends, I already told President Rick Botti by email about my passionate research "MUSIC & AUTOMOBILE, a possible interface". I would like then to explain a bit about it: I am a pianist and teacher at the University of Brasilia and last month I presented...
Views: 299   Replies: 0
Last Post: Jan 11, 2009 4:54am
by Dib Franciss
Why have the coupes survived?
It seems that a majority of cars turning up lately for sale are coupes. I wonder why they have survived and the others haven't. Were they more popular or less?
Views: 312   Replies: 3
Last Post: Jan 9, 2009 6:11pm
by cdmn
for sale Star M? roadster w/rumbleseat
I made contact with a Bob Knight, Prescott, AZ that has a Star For Sale. Runs, Roadster w/rumbleseat?? He is asking $8,500. His phone number is 623 572 2616. Bob is not a DMAC member, his interest was in making it into a hotrod?? I have not seen the car which...
Views: 556   Replies: 2
Last Post: Jan 9, 2009 1:22pm
by Lance Chabot
water pump part
Does anyone have an end plate for a water pump for a 1930 Durant 6 cyl. engine they can part with? I have a good housing I can rebuild if I had the endplate.
Views: 403   Replies: 8
Last Post: Jan 9, 2009 12:00pm
by Jim Glover
A Look at the Oakland Durant Star factory in 1928
The film is a nice look back into Oakland during 1928. There are some shots of the Durant/Star factory at just over 10 min. into this film. Other auto plants include Willys Overland, Chrysler and Chevrolet. There is no need to adjust the sound, there isn'...
Views: 425   Replies: 2
Last Post: Jan 8, 2009 10:14am
by Lance Chabot
Two more lost 1930 coups now rods
http://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/showthread.php?t=109145 http://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/showthread.php?t=321190
Views: 741   Replies: 12
Last Post: Jan 8, 2009 3:25am
by Norm Toone
Texarkana DMAC 2009
This is a good time as any to get started on this so here we go! Sept 9-13, 2009 (Wed-Sun), DMAC 11th Annual Convention in Texarkana, Ark-Tex. The host motel will be La Crosse (www.lacrosse-hotel.com), located on I-30 and State Line Avenue on the Arkansas side....
Views: 471   Replies: 14
Last Post: Jan 7, 2009 6:46am
by Frank Witkowski
Durant Cars and Al Capone?
Pat, an old country mechanic, friend of a friend, told my friend, who told me, that Al Capone liked (owned)Durants. Can anyone add to this legend or put the lie to it? My wife calls our Mod 70 sedan the "Gangster Car", perhaps it just stereo typing or is ther...
Views: 362   Replies: 4
Last Post: Jan 7, 2009 2:58am
by Norm Toone
Texarkana Meet
Marily and I have decided to attend the meet in Texarkan in September after some encouragement from Frank and Katy . My Durant will not be able to attend. Due to health problems and old age it will not be able to travel that far. I have some questions about the...
Views: 416   Replies: 9
Last Post: Jan 6, 2009 10:05pm
by Bert babick
Axle / Pinion Bearings and Seals
Wanted to allow club members to know that I have found George at Olcar Bearing Co. to be a valuable resource for axle and pinion bearings and seals for my 1926 Star Model M Touring. Thanks George To contact George - 1.910.693.3324
Views: 264   Replies: 0
Last Post: Jan 6, 2009 8:03am
by Guy J. Belzil
All Rick has given me a Green light to do these Postings on LOCOMOBILE historic News: Here's Number 1: When Billy Durant tookover Locomobile in the early 20's they only made one very Exclusive model; the big 142" inch WB, expensive ($7,550 to $11,200) Model 48! I...
Views: 306   Replies: 1
Last Post: Jan 6, 2009 5:57am
by Yates Milton
gary k
reminder: read gary's new years resolution below
read my resolution below and help.....HELP!!!!!!!
Views: 378   Replies: 7
Last Post: Jan 5, 2009 8:49pm
by gary k
Titllotson carburator
Did anyone in the club or on tyhe forum purchase that Tillotson JR5A carb that was on eBay - for the 22A continental engine? The auction ended Christmas eve and I wasn't paying attention or I would have bought it. It went cheap even if for parts. I have my original...
Views: 1976   Replies: 17
Last Post: Jan 5, 2009 2:42am
by Norm Toone
East Coast Chapter Spring Meet
Ok Durantonions no I have not lost my mind but I wanted to get a posting early to get everyone's opinion so plans can be in the making. Last spring we tried but had only a couple registered and it was a real disappointment so we are starting early this year. Hopefull...
Views: 707   Replies: 11
Last Post: Jan 4, 2009 5:36pm
by Mike Linthicum
Parking Lights
Are the Parking Lamps used on Durant interchangeable with any other auto maker or reproduction on the market? While I'm sure after searching the forums the answer will be no, I figure it's worth a shot. These little guys seem to be the part to find. Thanks S...
Views: 349   Replies: 2
Last Post: Jan 4, 2009 12:48pm
by Norm Toone
Spark Plugs
I have been doing a little bit of research on sparkplugs for our Durants. The Factory parts books that my father and I have (Durant Motors of Canada & Dominion Motors of Canada), up to june 1930 do not list a sparkplug at all,after june 1930 they list Champion spark...
Views: 608   Replies: 5
Last Post: Jan 3, 2009 3:34am
by Norm Toone
Dear friends, Hope you have enjoyed the New Year's night celebration. I wish you a greatly happy 2009 to you and your family. Thank you for all the messages of warm welcome wishes. It is so important for someone new to the group. I started the year looking for t...
Views: 388   Replies: 4
Last Post: Jan 2, 2009 4:26pm
by Carol Fogarazzo
Durant Partner
Recieved the new Partner today. GOOD JOB to all who made it happen. Helps us relive the last meet. So much FUN. Can't wait for the next one.
Views: 675   Replies: 14
Last Post: Jan 2, 2009 11:51am
by Charles A. Spitz...
614 wood top and door post
I have a 1930 durant 614. It has been in my family for quite some time. I'm geting ready to start the restoration prossess. All the metal is in top shape but the wood roof and passanger door post have rotted out (there could be more but this is what I can see). I'm w...
Views: 344   Replies: 6
Last Post: Jan 2, 2009 11:09am
by Jan Arnett
wood spoked wheels
I am finally finding time to work on the Star again. I should have the brake linkage back together soon. Working the front axel and king pins. I am about to tackle my wheels and am looking for help. The wood seems sound, but I need to take them apart to clean them...
Views: 576   Replies: 10
Last Post: Jan 2, 2009 11:06am
by Jan Arnett
1927 Star for sale on EBAY
There is a 1927 Star for sale on EBAY. The item number is 270321140299.
Views: 498   Replies: 3
Last Post: Jan 2, 2009 8:29am
by Linda Mannie
Ignition Points Rugby/Durant D40 1929
Hi Fellows, I hope you can help me . Looking for ignition points to suit my 1929 D40. They have a slightly longer spring. Does anyone have a supplier where I can obtain same. Thanks in anticipation.
Views: 288   Replies: 2
Last Post: Jan 2, 2009 8:09am
by Mike Linthicum
Steering wheel Restoration
I have a 1930 614 Durant. The steering wheel is cracked in a couple of places. Is there anywhere I could send it to get a like new restoration. It seems to me like the steering wheel is made out of bakelite, but i'm unsure. Does anyone know for sure what material it...
Views: 335   Replies: 3
Last Post: Jan 2, 2009 7:32am
by ross hoevet
W5a - 600 - H Specs
Have found a good 1927 152 ci W5 4 cyl Continental (with a Star plate) to replace my original 1926 cracked block; and am going thru a rebuild. Initial bore was 3 and 3/8 inches and cylinders currently have 20 thou natural wear and will by honed 30 thou. My question...
Views: 714   Replies: 3
Last Post: Jan 1, 2009 10:17am
by cdmn
Happy New Year!
To all of our Durant family we wish you a Happy New Year! May 2009 be a good year for all of you, and we look forward to seeing you in Texarkana at the annual meeting in September. Charlie and Peggy Spitz
Views: 286   Replies: 5
Last Post: Dec 31, 2008 10:11pm
by Lance Haynes
motor mounts
Hello again all, I am in need of motor mounts for my 23 Star C Touring with a W-4 engine. They are more like pads or cushions than actual mounts. Thanks,
Views: 451   Replies: 13
Last Post: Dec 31, 2008 7:21am
by Lance Chabot
Forum Page Advertising
Happy Holidays Everyone! I know that nobody asked, but I don't like the new advertising boxes and links on the Forum page. The page takes longer to load on my computer. Is there a benefit to our club that I don't know about?
Views: 373   Replies: 9
Last Post: Dec 28, 2008 8:09pm
by gary k
Tire Terminology
Looking thru the parts books I see wheels and rims pertaining to "High Pressure", "Balloon", and "Cord" tires. "High Pressure" means clincher type rims but what is the difference between "Cord" and "Balloon" construction?
Views: 326   Replies: 0
Last Post: Dec 27, 2008 9:03pm
by Don Shilling
article in old cars weekly
Did anyone else see the article in old cars weekly about Durant http://www.oldcarsweekly.com/GeneralMenu/
Views: 314   Replies: 0
Last Post: Dec 27, 2008 5:10pm
by Mike Rice
What distributor is this?
I have an Autolite distributor on my 25 Star that is not correct. I dug through the parts that came with it in hopes of finding a correct one. This is what I found. It is an Autolite but doesn't have any number on it. It does have the disk-shaped rotor. Does any...
Views: 434   Replies: 4
Last Post: Dec 25, 2008 7:18pm
by gary k
Views: 380   Replies: 3
Last Post: Dec 25, 2008 4:49pm
by Norm Toone
Merry Christmas
To one and all I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas and all the very best in the new year. Cut loose,eat drink and enjoy for after the new year we may diet-- Ken and Norma McCormick
Views: 472   Replies: 13
Last Post: Dec 24, 2008 6:46pm
by Frank Witkowski
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