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Re: driverless vehicles

It is tragic that there are those among us who are blind, arm or leg handicapped, and too old and unstable to drive.

If these people have some money, they can afford Uber,taxis, buses, trains, and planes. If they do not have enough money to afford those things, WHAT MAKES VEHICLE MANUFACTURERS BELIEVE THEY WILL BE ABLE TO AFFORD THEIR DRIVERLESS VEHICLES?

No joke. I am not trying to be a wiseguy. I am quite serious. I would appreciate an intelligent answer.
The financial position is less of an issue than the simple fact that people want their own "private" mode of transport.

As the technology improves, the price comes down. Eventually, the self-driving features that are cost prohibitive, will be standard features. That said, the evolution is generational - even once a working platform and tech are established - people like to drive, and vehicles have a much extended life versus 20 years ago.

The irony is that ADAS can make things less safe to a degree because as the tech gets better, the attention span and skills that drivers have are eroded by non-use. This is overcome by the immediate gains, but still an issue - especially when level 5 automation is mixed with analog operation.

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