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"Iron Mike" Achibald, 3/14th FA


One thing I forgot to say was about LTC Mike Archibald.

We woke up and sat in a CP Command Post tent one morning after getting up and getting some coffee at Fort Ripley. No wake up call with a blank round in the Yukon stove.

He wiped his head and looked at me in the eyes, we were both RVN vets, and inquired if this was all necessary? (Training for an ARTEP). I could only tell him that is was our assigned mission to do. I'm a AF brat of SAC Commander, when told to turn the key, do it.

He cared more about the welfare of his troops than anything else. That done, getting the mission done was a no brainer.

Truly, I felt that he was the best commander I ever served in my career and in turn he respected the difficult duties I had serving under him.

Few could ever fill his shoes nor take care of his troops like he did under his command.

I miss the company of characters like "Iron Mike" and others.

CW4 Dan Haskins

Re: 3/14th Soiux City IA

Dan Haskins: Wanted to let you know we are having a 3/14th Reunion in Le Mars, Iowa at the Legion Hall on July 28, 2007 starting at 1300 hours lasting the afternoon and into the night?

Archibald, Ruchti, Davis, several others planning on coming. Let me know if you can make it!. Brand new Holdiday Inn Express here in Le Mars to stay if you want.


Re: 3/14th Soiux City IA Battalion Crest Change!!!

I don't know the rules of this but the 1/14th does not earn this crest, it is the the 3/14th.

It was FRONT AND CENTER on Soldiers Magazine July 1986 and no other crest was above her.

This followed a feat no other FA BN had done. Not to mention the transportation to Fort Collins and back and all the logistics.

If I'm out of the loop of changes, sorry. But a Bn Unit Crest is golden.

Somewhere in North America
CW4 Dan Haskins, USA Ret