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Re: rage goes retro 3 is up

The lost CD1975 episode was the first episode I watched. I remember got my mum to record some songs to the cassette tape. That was the episode when ACDC performing live on countdown Is a long way to the top if you want to R'Roll inside the cage,also a clip from Hush playing rough touch 'N'ready. Hopefully rage will play those two clips soon if they are in good condition. By the way I woke up late this morning and miss out seeing Sally Boyden and JPY from that recovery episode. Could someone upload them onto YouTube would be really appreciate.
Hi Harvey

Your memory of that Countdown Episode is pretty good....AC/DC did appear, also Hush as you mentioned. The Whole episode has (running order unknown):

30th November 1975 (49) (55:15) (Wiped)
Host - John Paul Young

Sally Boyden - Shirley Got Married
John Paul Young - Birmingham
Molly Meldrum interviews Bay City Rollers in Perth -
Bay City Rollers - Money Honey (Music Video)
AC/DC – It’s a Long Way To The Top
Fat Bubbles – Skateboard Queen
Renee Geyer Band – Heading In The Right Direction
Hush – Rough Tough & Ready
Dove – Lets Hang On
Jim Keays - Undecided
David Essex – Hold Me Close (Music Video)
Kiss – Rock N Roll All Night (Music Video)
Sweet – Action (Music Video)
Humdrum Segment: Bootleg Family Band – How Do I Try, Marcia Hines – From The Inside, Skyhooks – Million Dollar Riff
National Top Ten:
No. 1 - ABBA - Mamma Mia (Music Video)

Please note that only the Sally Boyden, JPY and Bay City Roller segments were recovered (up to end of "Money Honey" film clip) (and also Abba at No. 1). I think if things like AC/DC were recovered as well there would have been a good chance that would have been shown!!

I noticed now looking at last nights playlist that the ABC did their best to show bits of the episode reconstructed - as they followed the Bay City Rollers with Jim Keays (albeit the film clip made in the re-recording of 1987), and the film clips for Kiss/Sweet and Abba.

The audio for JPY's live performance has been re-dubbed (not sure why) before transmission.

Harvey - your recollection of AC/DC's studio appearance is interesting, you mention it being "in a cage" - can you please elaborate? They appeared on Episodes 47 and 49 in the studio, from Episode 51 (first show in 1976), the famous Swanston St film clip shot for "Countdown" (filmed in February 1976) was shown instead of studio appearances.

Re: rage goes retro 3 is up

Looks like Rage still have an issue with Beatles related material as they cut the Wings (Mary Had A Little Lamb) clip out of the Oct 4 1972 Hitscene episode.

Re: rage goes retro 3 is up

Enjoyed the two Hit Scene's very groovy. The Flashez inserts too except for the lunar sea band blah. Little bits here and there like the Dragon & Roxy Music clips.

And what's with the host of Rocturnal? Could he have been any less animated?

Re: rage goes retro 3 is up

Hi Brett. Thanks for the information. The ACDC cage performance is just in my memory no confirmation. But in my TV week Countdown 20th anniversary tribute little magazine did mention Bon Scott was in a cage. The Sally Boyden's clip has already been uploaded to YouTube. Thank you Tassie TV. Just hoping someone will upload the JPY's clip.

Re: rage goes retro 3 is up

Looks like Rage still have an issue with Beatles related material as they cut the Wings (Mary Had A Little Lamb) clip out of the Oct 4 1972 Hitscene episode.
I noticed the savage cut at the end of the episode after Mr. Muse 'Great Western Highway' as I read the playlist for Ep 155 as now I know.

Can't understand why any Beatles related material is still banned on Rage.

If you search Wings - Mary Had a Little Lamb on YouTube there are five variant promo clips of this song as one of them dates back to 12 years when posted.

Would have been interesting to see which promo was shown on this Hitscene episode.