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Top Of The Pops on VH1

Hi All

I saw an ad last night on VH1. They are bringing 'Top Of The Pops' to VH1 starting 8 August every Saturday night. This is going to be fantastic - we will get to see all types of various performances from the decades esp. the 80's. I think now that they have exhausted the Countdown studio performances, it's time for TOTP to freshen things up. Absolutely stoking on this. I was disappointed when they axed TOTP in '06, as it was one of the reasons for me getting Foxtel back in '99. But yeah, hoping for heaps of 80's acts performing.

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

I assume from the sounds of it that it's a compilation of TOTP performances and not actual whole shows?

I saw a few complete 80's eps awhile ago and they were great...although I thought the ones the ABC showed in 2001 were really cheesy.

UK music seems to have been the most keen in embracing pop music and perhaps wasn't as diverse as Countdown was - in fact I know that songs that were massive hits here didn't even chart over there.

I reckon we got the best deal music wise (of course) as Countdown seemed to really nurture talent whereas TOTP generally just played tunes that had already charted.

Anyway - I hope that Foxtel does indeed play lots of the 80's ones, as they were pretty good production wise.

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1


If they play 80s ones, especially 1981 to 1984 period, I will just FREAK!

I want WHOLE episodes, though I will take whatever I can get!

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

I agree that many things cgarted here more and I like the format better of Countdown than TOTP!... BUT, they had all the BRILLIANT Early 80s New Romantic acts living in London, meaning more studio performances...

We only got them when they were here now and then BUT we also go many things which noone else would EVER see in the world!

And we also got a good dose of videos, and true... Many UK acts even didn't have the kind of exposure that Countdown gave them....

I for one am REALLY excited about TOTP on VH1, I have been waiting for this for AGES!

I always hoped that VH1 would play FULL episodes of Countdown, but only did clips. It was good for the first year BUT now it's the same performances over and over. I think they only had limited access so I won't be holding my breath for FULL episodes of TOTP. And if they aint 80s ones then I am not that excited about it. Late 70s would be an exception to the rule though! I most certainly DON'T want 90s and 00's episodes, YUK!!!!

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

I can't see why UK-TV couldn't show a few complete episodes a week

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

Yes Jase, by rights it should be showing on UKTV....but that's Foxtel for you.

I could drone on about how so much Australian shows are left gathering dust in the archives whilst Foxtel continues to mainly show UK/US shows.

It really upsets me that our culture gets the rubbish when it comes to airing anything before 1990....which is why Rage is so good during Retro January.

Anyway I won't go on about it as I've already done that elsewhere here - but I hope for TOTP fans that the shows that Foxtel will air are complete and mostly from the 80s!

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

Before the show got axed, UKTV were showing the latest TOTP episode every Friday night and repeated over the weekend. The ABC did give it a go in 2001 but it didn't rate well. The ABC were always a week behind the latest episode. In '99 UKTV showed classic TOTP episodes (in full) on Saturday mornings. Unfortunately they were 70's episodes around '77/'78 - a bit weird and the host was some old bloke looking like a bit of a hippy. It was OK, but half the songs you didn't know as they weren't hits in Australia. I was hoping for some 80's episodes to rear their head back then, but before you knew it they canned the classic episodes.

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

Hi everyone!
If I could get VH-1,I'd definitely be up for Top Of The Pops,especially from the late 70's to late '80's.
Michael-the hippie looking person you brought up sounds like Jimmy Saville to me.
While we're at it,why haven't they done what Countdown's done and brought out DVD's featuring studio performances from the show?

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

John - yes they should do that for sure.

I remember seeing a series in the late 90's on SBS called Sounds of the 60's/70'/80's etc.

Each series had 10 parts to it all chronicling music from that specified era.

The 80's one was great and mostly drawn from TOTP performances. Sadly I haven't seen it available anywhere though.

However I do understand that there are 2 TOTP dvds available overseas - one celebrating its 40th Anniversary with live performances and another.

Hopefully if Foxtel show it again maybe those dvds will get a Region 4 release.

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

If Foxtel play the 2nd live TOTP appearance, not their fiorst appearance of Culture Club performing "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me", I think I will literally have to call an ambulance!

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

Hi Patrick!
Those Sound Of... shows you mentioned were fantastic.
Don't have the 60's series,but I've got all of the 70's series and all bar the last episode of the 80's series here and there at home.
Pity they've not been released on DVD.

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

Sounds Of.... were BRILLIANT!

BUT... on SBS they cut off 1 performance on each show!

I saw them on TV1 years ago and VH1 included the last performance on each show which SBS bloody cut out!

On the 80s Pop episode SBS cut off Bananarama with "Robert Deniro's Waiting"...

On the 80s Electronic/Synth Pop episode SBS cut out THE most STUNNING live vocal performance of "Smalltown Boy" from Bronski Beat!

I can't remember what else was cut oput from the other ones. Though... Simple Minds were cut out on one of the last Sounds Of The 70s on SBS as well, which I never got to see on TV1, argh!!!!!!!!! Other acts on that last Sounds of The 70s included The Human League (Pre DARE), Kraftwerk and more*

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

Hi Jason!
Now that you mention performances missing from the Sounds Of... series,I so wanted the New York Dolls on the 70's episode that also had the likes of Blondie,Iggy Pop,The Ramones and Talking Heads.
Didn't know TV1 screened that series either.Would be lovely if they brought it back,unless they don't have the rights to screen it anymore.

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

If I had foxtel would watch old TOTP eps for sure but wouldn't be interested in anything past 1986 or so. And then only complete shows as clips don't do much for me.

Complete eps from circa late 70's/early 80's however would be awesome especially as jason said they would be heavy on all the local brit new romantic/synth bands If this is the case I'll be sure to get someone with foxtel to tape them for me.

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

I shall be recording the good bits, if any!

So I am sure I can do u the odd DVD...

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

I've seen a couple of the complete 80's ones over the years, and they are indeed fantastic.

TOTP reached its creative pinnacle in the 80's and with groups such as Culture Club, Spandau Ballet, etc the visual and musical impact was first rate.

Fingers crossed VH1 play whole eps...and not just from the 2000s!

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

Jason "The Moderator"
I shall be recording the good bits, if any!

So I am sure I can do u the odd DVD...

That would be great ,thanks

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

****, I forgot to watch the first episode last Saturday.

Can anyone, who watched, tell me how long it went for what songs/performances were played, the format etc?


Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1


I was supposed to puit the info up on here!

I recorded it... It was Manchester bands and artists. They are TOTP Collections with stuff from 70s, 80s and 90s, with full performances. But not individual shows.

I got some stuff i lurve...

Some of the performances included:

Magazine, The Buzzcocks, New Order, Electronic, 808 State, The Smiths, Inspiral Carpets and more. So rather Indie...

This Saturday coming is "SOLO ARTISTS"...

I didn't think they would play FULL proper Episodes from the 80s. But still, I am VERY excited to see what's to come.

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

By the way,

I think it went for an hour...

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

I have a lot of clips edited from TOTP but only one full episode - that being the 1984 Christmas show.

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

That's good it goes for an hour, 30 mins would be too short with the ads. I pretty much knew they wouldn't play full episodes, if they couldn't do it with Countdown, then I had high doubts with TOTP. I have some full episodes too, but not from the 80's. They are 99, 2000, 2002 Xmas shows.

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

I also had some of the TOTP from the late 90's, but unfortunatly a few of those old VHS tapes chewed up a while back.

I missed it last week, which New Order & Electronic live clips were played?

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

From Electronic was the STUNNING "Getting Away With It"

From New Order - Blue Monday (Live vocal. Synths & Guitar)

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

Jason "The Moderator"
From Electronic was the STUNNING "Getting Away With It"

From New Order - Blue Monday (Live vocal. Synths & Guitar)

Thanks Jason.

I have the Blue Monday live vocal & dubbed TOTP's clips but only have a dodgy VHS rip of Getting Away With it along with most of their other UK performances, pity i missed that one, although going by VH1, they will most likely repeat most performances again & again & again & again..lol.

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

I think it's a shame that whole eps aren't being shown.

You get more of a 'feel' for a certain era by seeing complete shows than bits and pieces scattered throughout.

But I guess we should be grateful that VH1 are showing any at all, although given the vast archives from TOTP alone surely eps devoted to a specific year even in compilation form can't be ruled out.

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

I AINT complaining, I will take whatever TOTP I cn get!

Though I agree with full episodes BUT on the same hand, what if the full episodes were 90s ones or 00s ones, then it would be HIDEOUS!

At least with collections everyone gets certain decades they want AND seeing they are doing "COLLECTIONS" then there may be a chance they have done collections for certain years like 1981. 1982,1983,1984,1985,1986 and so on. Well one would hope!

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

This week will be solo artists with the 70's covered the following week, the 80's will be essential viewing....

Going Solo: This edition of Top of the Pops includes a selection of performances from artists 'Going Solo', such as Diana Ross, Sting, Robbie Williams and Cher.

Episode: 2
Episode Title: Going Solo

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

There were some nice little surprises on last night's TOTP (Episode 2) on VH1!

Wham! with "Wham Rap"
George Michael - "A Different Corner"
Eurythmics - "Sweet Dreams"
Annie LEnnox - "Why"
10CC and also Godley and Cream
Sting - "Set Them Free"

Not bad at all... The WHAM! performance and Eurythmics were my ULTIMATE FAV moments for sure *

Next weekend is 70s!... I hope for some stuff from The Sweet, Gary Glitter, David Bowie, T Rex, Fern Kinney, Kate Bush e.t.c...

Hopefully the weekend after is a NON STOP 80s Episode!... Now my list of what I want on that is ENDLESS! ... But a lot that I want, I doubt they would play.

But this is all so very exciting!... Should keep me going till January with a little of a Retro dose from the UK till then +

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

Here is a full list of performances on TOTP's...


Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

Regarding the 70s TOTP episode, would love to see a Glam Rock special on Rage as well.
A few people including myself have recently suggested one in the now sadly defunct guestbook but I have a feeling we'll be waiting a long time...

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

I have mentioned in the past on the Rage guestbook that there was a Glam Rock special played once on Countdown Revolution but I don't think that they intend to play it. I had only mentioned it as so little original material exists for the 70's and I don't want to see the same few surviving Countdowns repeated. Who knows, they might think laterally.

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

I would like to think that the guys at Rage could make an effort to trawl through their vast library and dig up a good selection of suitable 70s artists, (especially the Sweet and Roxy Music),for a "Glam" special rather than just throwing on a couple of 70s Countdown reruns in January from their very limited collection.
It doesn't neccessarily have to be in Retro Jan. either - would much rather see it anytime during the rest of the year.

The Countdown Revolution special you mentioned would be good to see though...

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

All this talk of Glam Rock has reminded me of a video collection from the early 90's that I purchased.

It was a 3 volume collection imaginatvely titled 'Glam Rock' featuring just about every single English glam rock artist from the 70's.

From memory all of the performances were taken from the BBC TOTP eps and each volume had about 15 or so performances on them. A lot of the songs were great and the production values whilst kitsch by today's standards weren't too bad for the era.

Anyone remember this collection? My copies seem to have vanished over time but it's well worth tracking down for those interested in that era.

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1


Regarding the imaginatively titled "Glam Rock" videos, I vaguely remember buying something similar years ago so I had a look through my old video collection last night and found that I have a copy of "Glam Rock-Volume 3" that I had forgotten about.
Don't think I ever bought Volumes 1 and 2 for some reason...
It includes songs such as:
Sailor's "Glass of Champagne",(anyone remember them?),
the Sweet's "Wig Wam Bam" and "Ballroom Blitz",
T.Rex's "Teenage Dream" and "Laser Love",
Sigue Sigue Sputnk's "Love Missile F1-11" and "21st Century Boy",
as well as a few others by artists such as Gary Glitter and the Glitter Band.

The 70s ones are all pretty kitsch and tongue in cheek but still great fun to watch...

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

Yes, that's the one - it goes from the Glitter Band to Twisted Sister.

I reckon I gave my copies to a family member at some point - I'll have to track them down.

But yes the first 2 volumes are great if you love the era - there's a performance by Gary Glitter singing I Love You Love Me Love that's a classic and also Wizard's I Wish It Could Be Xmas Everyday is great to watch as well - hopefully both will turn up in a TOTP screening on VH1 sometime.

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

How could I forget Twisted Sister?
Very scary indeed and all hideously ugly, especially that lead singer....
Unfortunately I don't have VH1 so I miss out on seeing all those great TOTP specials.

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

Hi Christina!
I love "Glass Of Champagne".Checked it out on YouTube recently and correct me if I'm wrong,it looked like it was from Top Of The Pops.Great song.
Should check out Sailor's other hit "Girls Girls Girls" when I get a chance.

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

Hi John,

Yes,Sailor were great weren't they?
They were only around for a very short time and only seemed to have those 2 moderate hits but they just looked like they were having a such a good time while it lasted!
If I remember rightly I think they were all different nationalities-one was French,one was Norwegian, one was English and one was German.
I remember thinking Georg the Norwegian lead singer was pretty **** cute way back then...

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

The '70S episode on Saturday night was a beauty! I thought it would be just OK, but some great songs and style! Great to see it all in glorious colour, as half the acts were pre 1975. I like it too how they say what month and year when they play a performance and they played the acts in date order. T-Rex 'Get It On' was a highlight and had a young Elton John on keyboards, would be around the same time that he was having chart success himself for the first time (1971). Keep up the good work VH1!

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

Hey Michael, glad to hear you're loving TOTP.

For your information - every ep of TOTP from the beginning of 1970 onwards was shown in colour as the BBC began colour transmission on 1 Jan 1970.

I know this as being a bit of a Dr. Who fan, the first colour ep of the show was shown only 2 days after colour came to the BBC.

Perfect timing for the likes of T-Rex and Gary Glitter to enter the fray - much like Skyhooks when colour first started in Australia back in 1975.

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

Jason "The Moderator"

If they play 80s ones, especially 1981 to 1984 period, I will just FREAK!

I want WHOLE episodes, though I will take whatever I can get!

The 80's TOTP's on the weekend was excellent.

Some highlights for me included:
Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round
PSB - West End Girls
Wham - Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
Dexy's Midnight Runners - C'mon Eileen
Human League - Don't You Want Me
U2 - New Years Day
Duran Duran - Girls On Film

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

YES, I recorded it as I do every weekend!

There were some GREAT highlights BUT I found the 80s special to be a little mainstream and predictable with things like Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, Take On Me and Karma Chameleon.

But in saying that.... Duran Duran, PSB, P.I.L, The Specials and some others were FAB!

Unfortunately, 2 weeks ago TOTP was not shown due to a bloody Beatles weekend and this weekend it isn't on again!... ARGH!

I MUST say that Wham and George Michael have appeared practically every week except for 2 of them!

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

Don't forget it's back this weekend (October 10)...although the theme is "The '90s"...YAWN

The following weekend however is themed "Girls To Boys"...scratching my head trying to figure out what that could be. If it was "Boys To Girls" it could sort of make sense with the many sensationally androgynous artists that emerged from the UK in particular from the '70s on...that would be an awesome theme...just don't get what "Girls To Boys" could mean...any ideas ?

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1


Boys To Girls sounds interesting.

Might be androgynous aetists or maybe groups with boys and girls in them?

Anyhow, yes I know.... The vile 90's this weekend.

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

Where do you find out what themes/episodes are coming up? Let me guess - would it be a simple answer like - VH1 website?

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

Just at the foxtel website Michael, www.foxtel.com.au and look at the "What's On" guide.

Next two TOTP theme's on vh1 are "Girls To Boys" & "Brit Pop"

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

Here's the playlist:

Girls & Boys:
01. Relight My Fire - Take That feat. Lulu (Sept 1993)
02. Wannabe - Spice Girls (Aug 1996)
03. End Of The Road - Boyz II Men (Oct 1992)
04. Walk Like An Egyptian - The Bangles (Oct 1986)
05. Father and Son - Boyzone (Nov 1995)
06. C'est La Vie - B*Witched (June 1998)
07. Crazy Horses - The Osmonds (Nov 1972)
08. Venus - Bananarama (June 1986)
09. I Owe You Nothing - Bros (June 1988)
10. Special TOTP Hitmix - TLC (Sept 1995)
11. What I Go To School For - Busted (Sept 2002)
12. Biology - Girls Aloud (Oct 2005)
13. Stay Another Day - East 17 (Dec 1994)
14. Soldier - Destiny's Child (Jan 2005)
15. Call It What You Want - New Kids On The Block (May 1991)
16. Hold On - En Vogue (May 1990)
17. You Raise Me Up - Westlife (Nov 2005)
18. I Wanna Be The Only One - Eternal (May 1997)

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

After speculating that the "Girls & Boys" (the Foxtel program guide had it listed as being titled "Girls To Boys" originally) special could have been an androgynous theme...what a disappointment it turned out to be :(

Next weeks may hold more hope with the "Britpop" theme if they dig into the archives and feature some '70s & '80s (hope springs eternal for Sheena, Kim & Bucks Fizz). The following week however looks like it'll be crud..."Guitar Heroes"...bleh

Here's hoping they DO eventually have an androgynous themed episode.

Incidentally, mystery surrounds this whole "Top Of The Pops - The Collection" series. No one has been able to dig up any info about it any where...and it seems vh1 Australia is the first network in the world to be screening it...

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

Yep, I know.

I was 70s and 80s BIG TIME!

Ok, so VH1 are the first to screen it?

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

That is interesting, cause I have been thinking how this series has come about and the source. Did VH1 put it together or did they buy it from the BBC? - the plot thickens!

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