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Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

That is interesting, cause I have been thinking how this series has come about and the source. Did VH1 put it together or did they buy it from the BBC? - the plot thickens!

At first i just thought it was VH1 playing various clips, like they do with Countdown, but the way they goto a commercial break and kind of cut off the TOTP's jingle makes me thing that these specials have been put together by the BBC.

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

It's a BBC production. I don't think vh1 have been involved in putting the actual series together at all...thank goodness.

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

What a load of crud the "Britpop" show turned out to be...I felt like I needed to take a shower after that rubbish. Nothing pre '90s...and all of it was what I would consider rock/alternative. And here I was thinking "Britpop" meant...well...pop music. Pffffffffft !

The next two don't look very inspiring either... "Guitar Heroes" & "Club Hits"...MEH !

Still hoping for a "Gender Benders" themed ep, a "New Romantics" ep..and something that includes Sheena, Bucks Fizz, Kim, The Nolans etc...which I *thought* would have been Britpop...but what do I know !

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

I knew that Britpop was going to be 90s Indie. As that was the term in the 90s for bands like Blur, oasis, Menswear e.t.c...

It was rather painful though I do like soem Brit Pop.

The highlight for me was Blur's "Girls And Boys"... My FAV track from the 90s. Shampoo and Menswear were ok.

Guitar heroes sounds rather terrible.

Club Hits sounds like it has some promise though.

BUT I to am LONGING for New Romantics, Gender Benders and 80s Pop. That is what I WISH was on every weekend!

I wish VH1 would have played TOTP 2 instead, on TOTP 2 one gets more variety rather than a theme!

And they play STAX of 80s performances!!!! SIGH ...

Actually, in the UK in October at the moment it's Synth Britianna month. They are playing HEAPS of Synth performances from various programmes from the 80s from bands including Yazoo, Soft Cell, Depeche Mode. Howard Jones, Tears For Fears, Roxy Music and more!

Plus they played a doco on Synth Pop from the 80s. I wish we could get the BBC channels straight from the UK on Foxtel, I would pay ANYTHING for those channels!!!!!!!

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

The Guitar Heroes ep. turned out to be far more interesting than I expected it to be, which was a nice surprise.

The early/mid '70s performances by The Who, Status Quo & Deep Purple were awesome.

Mott The hoople from '73 was my favourite...and the biggest jaw-drop was Bon Scott up front of AC/DC from Feb 1980...the month he died ! Had never seen that before...it was quite poignant

"Club Hits" next weekend...and then it's not on the week after when they do the top 500 "Party Hits"...yawn

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

I for one am very over VH1 missing weeks of TOTP!

I want it every weekend, argh!!!!!!!

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

Looks like vh1 have now shown the full series and are starting again from ep1 this weekend (the "Madchester" ep).

This is a real shame as there was so so SO much more the BBC could have done...I can't believe there wasn't a "gender bender" themed ep.

Let's hope the BBC do a second series...and vh1 in Australia purchases it.

To my knowledge, Australia remains the only place this apparently new series has been shown !

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

I know abbaluke,

I saw yesterdsay that VH1 are repeating everything again!

I for one have been rather dissapointed with the whole thing. YES, there have been some GEMS... BUT I also wanted a Gender Bender Special and a NEw ROmantic Special.

I wish VH1 could get hold at least of TOTP2, they play some real BRILLIANT footage!!!!

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

I have been doing some serious editing with the Top Of The Pops performances (that were shown on VH1 last year) over the last week or two. I have put together a 2 disc set of all the 80's performances in date order. Tracklisting will be posted shortly, stay tuned.

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

Here is the tracklisting:

Disc 1:
01. A Touch Too Much - AC/DC (Feb '80)
02. Turn It On Again - Genesis (Mar '80)
03. Ace Of Spades - Motorhead (Nov '80)
04. Romeo & Julie - Dire Straits (Jan '81)
05. In The Air Tonight - Phil Collins (Jan '81)
06. Antmusic - Adam and The Ants (Jan '81)
07. Going Underground - The Jam (Jan '81)
08. Flowers Of Romance - Public Image Ltd (Mar '81)
09. Ghost Town - The Specials (July '81)
10. Girls On Film - Duran Duran (July '81)
11. Tainted Love - Soft Cell (Aug '81)
12. Wedding Bells - Godley & Creme (Dec '81)
13. Don't You Want Me - The Human League (Dec '81)
14. I Love Rock 'n Roll - Joan Jett (May '82)
15. Come On Eileen - Dexys Midnight Runners (July '82)
16. Here I Go Again - Whitesnake (Dec '82)
17. New Year's Day - U2 (Jan '83)
18. Wham Rap - Wham! (Jan '83)
19. Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics (Feb '83)
20. Blue Monday - New Order (Mar '83)
21. Every Breath You Take - The Police (May '83)
22. Karma Chameleon - Culture Club (Sept '83)
23. Kiss The Bride - Elton John (Nov '83)
24. This Charming Man - The Smiths (Nov '83)
25. True - Spandau Ballet (Dec '83 - Xmas episode)

Disc 2:
01. Bark At The Moon - Ozzy Osbourne (Dec '83)
02. Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper (Jan '84)
03. Relax - Frankie Goes To Hollywood (Jan '84)
04. Holiday - Madonna (Jan '84)
05. Wake Me Up Before You Go Go - Wham! (May '84)
06. Careless Whisper - George Michael (Aug '84)
07. Like A Virgin - Madonna (Dec '84)
08. You Spind Me Round - Dead Or Alive (Feb '85)
09. If You Love Somebody - Sting (June '85)
10. Take On Me - A-ha (Nov '85)
11. West End Girls - Pet Shop Boys (Dec '85)
12. A Different Corner - George Michael (April '86)
13. Venus - Bananarama (June '86)
14. Walk Like An Egyptian - Bangles (Oct '86)
15. The Final Countdown - Europe (Nov '86)
16. Livin' On A Prayer - Bon Jovi (Nov '86)
17. I Wanna Dance With Somebody - Whitney Houston (May '87)
18. Let's Work - Mick Jagger (Sept '87)
19. You Win Again - The Bee Gees (Oct '87)
20. Paid In Full - Eric B. & Rakim (Nov '87)
21. I Owe You Nothing - Bros (June '88)
22. Good Life - Inner City (Dec '88)
23. Me Myself & I - De La Soul (April '89)
24. Ride On Time - Black Box (Aug '89)
25. The Best - Tina Turner (Sept '89)
26. Rhythm Nation - Janet Jackson (Nov '89)
27. Pacific-707 - 808 State (Nov '89)
28. Fools Gold - The Stone Roses (Nov '89)
29. Getting Away With It - Electronic (Dec '89)

If you're interested in a copy, let me know...

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

May I get a copy Michael?

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

Hi John, you may...email me. Cheers.

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

Hi Michael, can I get a copy too?

Re: Top Of The Pops on VH1

Hi Chris
Sure can, I still have your postal address. Will send in a week or so. Cheers.

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