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Re: A-22 Key


Cost is relative. Like you I am looking for original keys or copies of originals
ie in both looks and operation. My car has a modified switch plate that has a modern lock cyl. and toggle switchs. It looks very nice and works well. I would like down the road to restore an original switch and use original type keys.

If you have an original switch and key but need a spare this might be an option for some one.


Where Are You From? Guelph

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1922 Durant A-22

Re: A-22 Key

Thanks to my shrewd negotiating skills, I can get 3 at $20 apiece. I will probably just order one to 'try it out', but if anyone else is interested in one or two, I would be happy to mail it for free to save myself a few dollars. Please email or post to let me know if you are interested before next Monday or so. Thanks.

Where Are You From? Marysville, Kans

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1923 Durant A-22 Touring

Re: A-22 Key

Hello Todd

I would be interested in one of those keys to try in my car. We have had this since new ( great grandfather bought) two more payments and we will own it.lol Keys have been missing for years, I did not even know what it looked like. I really appreciate the picture so I know what to look for.

If keys are still available let me know where to send payment.

Thanks Vern.

Where Are You From? Russell ont. Can.

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1922 a22

Re: A-22 Key

I spent yesterday afternoon making up a couple knock offs of Todds original key...Wasn't all that difficult, was actually kinda fun...The old homemade key that I had didn't fit well in my ignition and would fall out on the floorboards while driving....Anyway, to make a pattern I Download Todds top image (right click the image and "hit the save as") then I printed the image and resized the image on a heavy cardstock paper to the size that the blade/shank portion would be the same size as the slot in my switch...In my case the resize was 84% reduction...Todd emailed me some critical measurements of his original key to conferm that I was on track with the pattern....So, I made the keys up out of 14 gauge steel (.073) 73 thousands, I found It worked better for me to lay out the pattern on the plate with two keys facing each other (with space between for parting purposes) then used my Bridgeport mill with a couple different end mills to do the notching, then on the contour work I used a verticle belt sander with table....Not that difficult, you can probably use whatever you have...Oh, for the A-22 the blade/shank needs to be 11/32"wide and 15/32" long not counting the hook, you may need to sand the backside of blade slightly to get a perfict fit...Oh, and with a 5/16" gasket punch and a small sharp chizzle you can BS that Connecticut T&E logo on the head.
(Forgot one step, I lightly buffed the key edges with a wire buffing wheel after the key was cut.)

Hope to see everyone in the Black Hills in a few days!



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Re: A-22 Key

That looks even better than expected Bill, but I should expect no less. I wish I had the skills and eye for detail!

Where Are You From? Marysville, Kans

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1923 Durant A-22


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