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Re: Which model Star???

Its all cool Brian .. I will mail you. There's the Roster giving current members info, then there's durantcars giving bits of info which was Terry's personal Registry in Alberta that anyone could access but look only. At his death the family basically gave that to DMAC to add to our site. There are a few personal Registry's members have like Gary Yelle on De Vaux's which is a carry over from another member before him, as an example. Steve tried to let Terry assist him with durantcars with all Terry's other projects but … You could inform Terry of new vehicles to add and mine was last he did in Dec 2006, he would fix errors if informed but Terry wanted full control. His new project was to enlarge durantcars to add Canadian side of all vehicles which didn't happen. Steve in Mississauga created his own Registry from all the known Registry's and has been adding since, new vehicles world wide to his Registry. Steve has many vin books which provide models and years, and models in those models, plus brochures / manuals on Billys empire. Enough on that.

Like a few items on durantcars I can't get 1927 Star literature A-27-222-4 of the 4 cyl to open but it appears to be an M roadster with the rumble seat open. Yes more confusion when brochures don't say a model just Star 4 or Star 6, Durant 4 or Durant 6. Its unfortunate Terry's covers are copied from elsewhere and not ones he had himself. I discovered that a few years back when I hit a site selling the actual brochure and it had the identical age markings from use as Terry's did. Steve asked Terry's family if he could acquire any of the brochures and they couldn't find any, now we know why. It would help a few people to see not only the cover but the insides showing the models and back page with data on the models.

Like I mentioned all plants didn't do the same thing with same models. Oakland with its four wheel brake option somewhat like rocky mountain brakes on Ford T's. Small item is the red beehive taillight used on some 1928 / 29, 31 Durant's US but used on all 1930's in Canada. 1930 US was orange / red bigger light. Glolite headlights US 1930 / 31 and 1930 Can, Depress beam 1931 to 1933 Canada. US Munroe Shock Co 1930 / 31 and Acme Gear Co of Toronto shocks 30 -32. and so on.

That's good Rick could give you some history of the car so you can add this to the car. Lot of us try to work backwards as to who all the owners were to day one for its history and for future owners.

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Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 Dominion built 614 Sedan

Re: Which model Star???

That is a rumble seat roadster. This was the car that frequently was at the Oakland a's game. I think This was a avala old car. The second car was the one ed archer sold. 1925
2 door coach.

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Re: Which model Star???

Yes Mike this is Tony and Myrtle Avilla's Star, via the Leigh Korthals estate in Wisconsin. Oakland A's colors repaint, as I understand.

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