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Rhode Island recalibration bill

The following was reported in Glass Bytes

"A bill has been introduced in the Rhode Island Senate that, if passes, would require auto glass customers to be notified in writing that the installation of aftermarket glass will require recalibration services. The new bill, also referred to as S 850, was introduced yesterday by RI Senator Goodwin.

“This chapter shall not apply to the repair or replacement of motor vehicle glass performed by licensed motor vehicle glass repair shops for non-collision related damage pursuant to chapter 38.5 of title 5. ; provided, the owner of the vehicle is notified in writing that installation of an aftermarket glass will require recalibration of safety related systems, for which cost the insurer is responsible; provided, further, that an OEM glass is installed if specifically requested by the vehicle owner,” a portion of the bill reads.

If this passes, all shops in Rhode Island would have to start providing written documentation to its customers informing them about the additional service that is needed prior to their vehicle being returned to them or providing recalibration services. Currently S 850 has been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee."

TI think this looks like another case of legislative ignorance

1. OEM windshields do not need to be recalibrated ? ( that's news to me)
2. Since when does a letter given to a customer absolve the installer from legal responsibility? ( I think it's against federal law to bypass a safety feature on the car,and releasing it to the customer in an "unsafe" condition can lead to lawsuits)


Re: Rhode Island recalibration bill

Weirdly written.
You only need to notify them if car is 48 months or newer?
And in RI you can demand OEM glass for 4 years?

The bigger issue is stealerships demanding OEM glass in order to recalibrate ADAS.
So now the independent glass shop is S.O.L. since they can't get dealer glass approved by insurance (after 4 years in RI, but 1 to 2 years elsewhere), and they may not have the money and time for all the ADAS systems and equipment?

Here comes the squeeze play

Re: Rhode Island recalibration bill

Good morning,

glassBYTEs will be running an update on the legislation and noticed your comments. We'd appreciate it if we were able to incorporate more of your opinions in the article. Please feel free to email with your thoughts on the legislation.

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