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2017 Mazda 3 rain sensor bracket

I have all the windshields in my shop for this car, and none have the correct R.S. bracket. This car has the RS that has the little eye at the base of it. The RS has a small circuit board at the top of it that has a cutout in the bracket for clearance. All these windshields do not have a bracket with that cutout.

Anyone run into this ?

Re: 2017 Mazda 3 rain sensor bracket

It should be a GGS 504 PAD.
A rectangular shape.
2013 and up Mazda 3
FW03926, 4208, 4265, 4658

What brand W/S, DOT#

Re: 2017 Mazda 3 rain sensor bracket

It has been my experience that there are some Mazda w/s from 2014 and newer that are only available through the dealer. Due to the number of different combinations of attachements (camera, rain sensor, condensation sensor, etc.) the aftermarket just doesn't make every combination.

Re: 2017 Mazda 3 rain sensor bracket

Yes AGP I will agree to that. It also might be where the car was built. The Hofu, Japan facility located in Hofu, Yamaguchi, Japan is responsible for production of the Mazda 3 model as well as the previously available Mazdaspeed 6. Engine and transmission production for these models is handled by the Hiroshima plants, located in the Aki and Miyoshi wards of Hiroshima. So when you get aftermarket windshields here you may not have the same options. JMHO

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