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The title should read, “How Safelite doubled revenue by buying out its larger competitors and funneling work to itself by stealing work from its remaining smaller competitors.” Customer Service had little to do with it. Unless you consider steering people away from their shop of choice customer service.


well said Freddy! Its like the writer is delusional.


How can you lose when you administrate fnol for 80 plus insurance companies and have the control to steer to your own store...


Anyone else think the "timing" of this article is coincidental, given the recent Belron Financial transactions discussed?


LMAO if you do, and, JMHNLO.


Sounds like a great investment, look at that dividend, they really pay well. haha.
More lipstick for the pig, gotta attract those insurer owned private equity sources
and give good picture. haha.


Could you imagine having the ability to see everything your competition does ?

1> where do their customers come from ?

2> where do their customers live ? ( zip code strategy reports )

3> how much do they charge ?

4> how much do they pay for their products? ... BTW if they don't want to show you , then you make sure they don't get paid until they do !

5> how satisfied are their customers ? ... you get to do a survey and see how happy their customers are with their service ?

6> how many jobs are they doing ?

7> what percentage is repair vs. replacement ?




I cannot see why they have a 5 star rating. Maybe they do excellent work, but the people who do the intake and scheduling are inconsiderate and rude. This observation in based on a personal experience I just had. I'm sorry if I offended anybody, but it is,, what it is.

Michael M


Their limited warranty on repairs is awful. They fixed a small chip in my windshield and assured me that it was structurally repaired, but 3 months later the chip is now a crack the spans the whole windshield. It is no longer safe. When brought up, they said it happens, sorry, but the warranty doesn't apply.

Fatima M


Safelite told us they were going to replace our back window for 546$ once I agreed and took my car to them the number had magically changed to 1021$ . I was told take it or leave it . This treatment to CAT 5 hurricane survivors is DISGRACEFUL!!!!!!!! We are already hurting by hurricane Michael and then get cheated by these big companies is WRONG!!!!!!!

Timothy S


Scheduled at home window replacement for November 12. Time arranged by Safelite was 0800 - 1200. Email was provided to my email with technicians name. 1200 comes and go and no contact. I phoned the local office who said they tried to contact the technician with no luck. Technician shows up with no notice at 1:20pm with an attitude. I promptly cancelled the appointment at that time. Hampton Safelite needs customer service training from the office to the technicians. They will only send out surveys or comments to those providing positive feedback. Don't believe the reviews you see on their site. As those are only positive reviews. Buyer beware!!!

Anthony R


This company is absolutely horrible. Scheduled an on-site st my work and twice they never called with an update. I had to cal the office to find out they wouldn’t be there until an hour after the 5 hour window they gave me. The worst company I’ve ever worked with!!!!

Steve W


I had my windshield replaced on my Honda accord in ********, TX and the windshield has a scratch on it from the windshield wipers, but they were replaced just a couple of weeks before the windshield was installed. The tech that installed my windshield did not reattach my rear view mirror correctly and did not even clean my windshield after installation. I think Safelite installed a windshield that was already scratched or the windshields are not OEM quality. I will never go back to Safelite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Exactly. You could write a book. But why would Safelite care when they have a golden funnel. How sad that the insurance companies they represent only care about the lowest price. But sadly, it is what it is.

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