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Safelite report

What a glowing report on Safelite’s customer service. One question. Do people not read the consumer reports from Safelite’s customers?

Re: Safelite report

You are confusing the definition of "customer service". The one you are referring to is the quaint adage that each customer should be treated like a person and the ultimate goal is to make that person happy. The one referred to in the article is one that defines it as doing all the things that are trendy and take away the personal responsibility of the "associate" to actually give a crap about the outcome. I mean, everyone wants to download the app and see the pizza delivery guy show up with their part right? Nobody really wants to have a human being answer on the first ring and actually listen to them and care about them as a person first. That isn't sexy enough.

Re: Safelite report

Most Recent Customer Review
Marat Z


Terrible experience. FYI: I am a low maintenance, repeat
customer who is super flexible and always tips. Safelite got
too big too quickly and lost focus on what matters: the
customer Nicholas, Olympia's location service tech
completely disillusioned me in this company. From the
moment he arrived, he acted like he didn't want to be here
and ultimately found a reason to cancel the appointment.
There's plenty of competition out there, so save yourself
the aggravation and avoid Safelite

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Casey M

Mon Nov 26th 2018 1:30PM PST Their customer service is absolutely aweful. My wife who had a rock chip in our brand new Suburban went to the dealership who informed us all GM glass in our area is done by Safelite. After much back forth regarding Parts VS Labor purchase on the phone with Safelite we bought the glass through our dealer and called to schedule the installation as Safelite charges well over list price on OEM part. This was a huge hassle ... After that issue we finally called corporate and we got in touch with Chris P******. This "customer service" individual not only belittled and spoke horribly to my wife he refused to transfer her to a supervisor when she asked and even threatened to hang up on her if she kept asking for a Supervisor. She was finally transferred into Jason M******* the supervisor who long story short and many minutes on the phone did absolutely nothing to remedy the situation. This has been by far the worst customer service experience we have had on all fronts. All I can say is Safelite is fortunate I was not the one on the phone. I hope they pull the phone recordings and fire these people who are ruining their business. We will never return to Safelite for any future service and we will go out of our way to make sure potential customers hear our story.

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