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Auto glass installer/Tech pay..$62K How much do you make on average?

I was asked the question? .. Tech/Auto glass installation pay.. online, the industry states $20.21 per hour.. top pay is $30.13 per hour.. This depends on the market... cost of living vs.. market value.. top pay is $62K per year. This includes Benifits.. Cap... But what is the average sales per install? Your shop, your market? Your math.. %60 of pay is distributed for a normal company balance sheet.. you make 10 %

I can’t gross cap each individual per year end sales vs. ROI (Return on investment) sample: If your gross ytd (year to date) sales of $500K for your company and returning $40K in pay.. may want to ask for a raise.. $200 per job, x 40 hours x 52 weeks.. you do the math.. . $416k at worst for your company.. you install 100000% of the work. Upside down.. you do need process... and a leader.. but 90% of your work sales?... you should choice who you want to lead..... 25% of year total sales should go Techs.. with out you, the greatest minds fail, and all Buisness stops.. I can make it happen..

Making it simple.. if you are a good tech, if you are average.. you make the lowest average of $416k in sales for your company, $20 per hour making the lowest pay... your are making 100% of the profits 100% of the installation sales.. if not for you.. 0% gross goes no where.. stop for a day and think about it.. 90% of your companies sales goes up... you want to talk? It’s backward.. Nothing exists if you are gone..

Re: Auto glass installer/Tech pay..$62K How much do you make?

There's an old saying: If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull schytte.

That evidently is the credo of whoever wrote this ridiculous and convoluted tech pay post.

Re: Auto glass installer/Tech pay..$62K How much do you make on average?

A long time ago, I had an employee that did some vehicle maintenance, some residential work and some auto work. He was paid $16, which was $2 more than most (this was a long time ago). One day, He came in my office and said "I am doing maintenance, residential work, and some auto. By my math, each one of those jobs is worth $15 per hour, which makes me worth $45 per hour"...his obvious flaw was that he could only do one job at a time, which made him worth that one a premium for flexibility. He didn't understand.

I kind of feel like this post is a grown up version of that "math".

A good tech can do 25-30K per month more or less. To be fair, call it $300K per year. So start there - Take about half for cost of product and glue and you are left with $150K...take $15k for vehicle expense and you have $135K left. Pay the tech $20 avg = 41K - you are left with about $90K...but wait...we have taxes and benefits on what we paid the tech, so take another at $80K....but wait, we have to have a store, so say we have one we can afford and take 5% of gross sales for a modest 15K....and we are now at 65K...but wait, we need to advertise a bit to get the jobs (because magic isn't real) lets spend 2K per month for a website, some yellowpages and rudimentary now we are at 41K...and nobody has done any paperwork yet....**** lets say we have a CSR making 36K AFTER taxes and we have 3 techs, so split the CSR 3 ways... there goes another 12K, so our 300 has turned into $29K, which is a decent return...EXCEPT we have to pay taxes on the income....and..oh yeah, when you have a bad day and drag a knife across a paint job, we have to pay for that as well...but hey, whats a few grand more in light of all the money being is raining money!!! on the back of you, my friend.... My advice would be to man up and go on your own...sow your oats! there is GOLD out there, just grab it!!!....and then you can come back after you go broke and one of us greedy employers will pay you $20 and you can complain about it. Don't worry when you need to call in sick, or need a vacation...we will take care of that for you too...because you know...all that money.... Get real Moron. There is a reason that there aren't 40K glass shops out there. It is a brutal business and those that are capable of carving out a living bust their ass and provide good jobs. You don't like it, find another job...comrade.

Re: Auto glass installer/Tech pay..$62K How much do you make on average?

I agree with the above post, but what if the real gross figure isn't 300K but rather 400K. hmmm I guess everyone should strive for higher profits so they can pay their employees a decent wage like all the HVAC and Electricians make and they dont even have to worry about working on $80K vehicles

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