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Direct billing

Anyone willing to walk me threw it. I have read several lots of threads on it but not clear on a couple things.

Re: Direct billing

I would really like to see AGRR magazine do a whole issue on the process of direct billing. It would make sense to let the network administrators give their discounts that they agreed to , and also have a list of lawyers in each state that would be willing to step in and represent glass shops to collect short pays. We don't have to give discounts because we are not a prefered provider but we do provide a better quality to policy holders and there is no where in policy statements that say that you have to use one particular shop.

We started out direct billing 26yrs ago. So why are shops doing work for %%%% off when they get no jobs handed to them. They just do there regular customers for a discount now because of some middle man that said they will control price and at the same time create almost a monopoly in the process. Who are they to tell you what you charge based on their opinion as to what THEY can do it for. Have you seen their repair jobs? The shouldn't get paid at all for doing something half way. You don't pay for a soda that is only half full? When was the last time you bought a gallon of milk that was actually only a half gallon? Do you pay the neighbor kid full amount to mow your lawn and he mows half of it?
This is what they are doing!! Do you wonder if they bill for LOGO windshield parts and install aftermarket non-logo glass? Ask your customers if they had the LOGO before and why its not there and they will say that's what was installed from the shop their Ins.Co. sent them to.

There are very few companies that survive the long run when it comes to customer service and someday they will implode with complaints and then the customers are going to demand to go elsewhere. Now is the time for someone to step up and push this industry back to what it was. FREE ENTERPRISE!! The information has been requested many times as to how to get past the forced billing thru the network. How do we make the picture clear as to billing outside of their program.. Have you went on the internet and looked up how much they publish for ONE ding repair or how about if you have TWO dings!! This is of course without Insurance , so that's a starting point as to what they are trying to sell as a retail cost to Insurance companies. The Ins Co's believe that this inflated price is reality I guess.

I'm just stirring the pot I hope and hopefully make some think or be enlightened.

Customer service and quality have to be consistent or you fail without both. They will never figure out both, you can!!

Re: Direct billing

Here's a feature in AGRR you may find of interest:

Turn to page 24.

Re: Direct billing

Where is the information shared as to direct billing for those that want off the networks? What entity is available for those that need contact numbers? Those that have tried to inquire about direct billing and have been told there is no way to do this and need assistance in getting pointed in the right direction are asking for direction. Is it possible that AGRR could re-visit this topic and provide an update since 2009 as to what is new and share new information regarding.
NOT just the silly statement of 'Who is the customer'

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