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Today's The Day

OK I've waited long enough. I'm ordering a WRD SPIDER today. Does anyone know where I can get this at the best price. Looks like amazon may be the best. Any advice is appreciated.


Re: Today's The Day

alfredo's auto glass corona ca.

Re: Today's The Day

I reached my point about 6 months ago bought it through PGW Almost 400.00 I got the WRD Spyder fiber wire tool. At first I was a bit frustrated, and it was a little time consuming. NOW,,, I LOVE IT! Once you learn when and why to use this tool it is GREAT. BUT first off the tool is one part, you need a second tool with it. My choice after talking with others is the Milwaukee 2 speed, small power drill.About 130.00 comes in a kit with 2 lithium batteries, charger and case. Use it on low speed and you need the power. Mine has a built in light, and battery meter that shows charge. Can cut out about 5-6 w/s per charge x 2.

Next remember you do not need to use this for all removals and is not the best choice for all. I found some things I did not like, poking the cord through the corners. I like to use an express across the bottom, then start on Passenger side and the 3 side with the fiber. most cut outs less than 10 min and NO SCRATCHES ANYWHERE!

Corners are the next problem, go slow, and you can make a simple tool to "KNOCK off" the plastic set tabs, because on some models you can snap your line. Mainly fw w/s's learning how to set up your spool is good too. don't worry about the red color. fill the spool just before it is full. By cutting the bottom first most w/s only need about 4x4 ft or 4 arm lengths maybe 5. Tuck counter clockwise from out side vehicle, tie down to locking counter poise, start on passenger side following with plexi paddle, and you can make a longer one, follow right around moving the winding tool a you go. I do it in 4 moves and less then 5 minutes once I am properly prepared.

There is a learning curve it takes a bit to get used to, but tell me what tool doesn't????

NO ONE should be without one. Any questions every please ask I will not steer you wrong! And remember you don't need it on many installs but many I wouls not do without it Now that I know how!

Re: Today's The Day

Which vehicles do you like to use it on?

Re: Today's The Day

Frank any w/s with naked to glass or under lip mldgs where any scuff to pinchweld cannot be covered by black primer, pretty simple.

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