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54 Chevy. 1 Piece Windshield

Ok, we've made several attempts to install this windshield. The glass doesn't want to set in the frame right. It has a bulging appearance along the edge and quite a nice gap in top corners. There is an interior lip that we can't get to overlap the picncweld from inside. Here at the details thus far.
Part# DW362. We've tried two different glasses both Pilk.
We have the Stelle and Precision gasket. Same result with both.
We've dry set the glass and it does appear to be slightly large the opening, but the owner assures us that no modifications have been made on the pinchweld.

We would appreciate any help especially from someone who has encountered this.

Jim Anderson

Re: 54 Chevy. 1 Piece Windshield

Does the glass overlap the pinchweld? H style gasket or S? When dry set, if for an H style gasket, you should have the same spacing around the glass in-line with the pinchweld. If the glass overlaps the pinchweld, S style gasket maybe?

Re: 54 Chevy. 1 Piece Windshield

The glass does slightly overlap on the pinchweld. I'm not familiar with a H and S style gasket.

Re: 54 Chevy. 1 Piece Windshield

This should be a slam dunk. Either the body is off or the glass isn't bent correctly. Make your self some setting blocks from old w/strip. Cut out 4-5 1" lengths, trim off outer lip that holds glass. Put three on bottom two on top. Lay glass in and check fit. If it had a glass in it at one time it's probably glass problem. Had a customer with a DW722 FYG that was off 5". HTH

Re: 54 Chevy. 1 Piece Windshield

Just ran into this on a 58? Chevy Pickup (DW407). This is the one that has the big curve on the ends. When compared to the original windshield, the Pilkington windshield was at least an 1/8" bigger on the top and sides. We had to sand an 1/8" off the top and sides to get this thing to fit. Don't know what's going on with Pilkington, but never had a problem until this one. Their molds must be wearing out. Hope this helps.

Re: 54 Chevy. 1 Piece Windshield

Thanks to everyone for their input. We finally got everything to fit properly. I think we had it in right all along. I was expecting this gasket to lay flush against the body. After comparing this truck to pics of other 54's, they look the same.

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