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Here's a new twist

We just installed a windshield for a regular customer.

When we called Safelite for a claim form, they asked when the job was being done. We said it was being done as we speak.

They said they could not send a fax if the job had been started and that we had to mail them a claim form.

It's weird, but be warned!

Re: Here's a new twist

So just tell them you have it scheduled for that day, no need to tell them you already started it. It avoides the entire hassle, which is all it is. It makes absolutely no difference if you have started the work or not, the insured has authorized you to perform the work, and the insurance must now pay for the services performed that they are responsible for. Don't let the TPA push you around with THEIR rules and procedures.

It is kind of like the new faxes SGC is faxing out saying ONLY the insured can call in a claim, just one more way for SGC to control the entire operation they think. Call the insurance company as many agents and claims managers do not realize SGC is sending faxes stating these procedures, and claiming they are the insurance companies policy.

Re: Here's a new twist

We always tell them we are setting the appointment for the earliest time that is good for the customer. PERIOD!

Re: Here's a new twist

LOL LOL XXX, we tell them it's none of their business, and has nothing to do with the claim.

Some have insisted it does, but cannot offer an explanation of why.

Just fun to have fun and turn the tables.

Something the collision folks have known for some time...whether the insured fixes the car or not has nothing to do with whether they are entitled to payment from their insurer for the loss. They simply note in the claim file that the damage has not been repaired. The insurer contracts to indemnify the insured against loss, not to repair the vehicle. If the insured chooses to drive the vehicle around damaged, that's their choice, and has nothing to do with the issue of indemnification.

Hal can confirm this. Whether he will or not is another question.

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