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Glass Etching and or engraving

Anyone doing anything with etching and/or engraving? Any info on co's that carry the chemicals,stensils, tools etc, to do custom etching and engraving would be very helpful. We are contemplating adding this to the services we can offer our customers. Any ideas would be helpful. Thank you!

Re: Glass Etching and or engraving

we do etching and engraving I order from a company called scm there web site is I ordered the engraving tool without the compressor works like a dream i do special orders for gift shops also there are many companies that sell etching stencils on the web and all the supplies you need my advice is to start small make sure you can make a profit on it before you put alot of money into it

Re: Glass Etching and or engraving

Thanks Mary, we will check it out. We are not expecting great profits, just to add some fun stuff for our customers who make gun cabinets and such. Also my wife loves to work with wood and has her own shop making all kinds of cute wood products, we add the glass and mirrors. We just want the ability to add a bit more flair to our work. If I have more questions I will e-mail you. WAY COOL

Re: Glass Etching and or engraving

try etchall website

Re: Glass Etching and or engraving

The sky's the limit on etching possibilities, what's available and what can be used for stencils. You've got a computer, if you've got an art program, you're golden.

I make all of my own stencils, swear by the sandblast method vs. acid because you can do SO MUCH with abrasive, vary the grit, varying depths, etc.

Look for an e-mail from me later. I'll give you plenty to start with.

Re: Glass Etching and or engraving

Thanks Jess. No hurry, Donna and I are looking to get this going by spring when construction kicks back in. Talk to ya soon! YOUR THE GAL!!!

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