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American Family gets zapped.

Re: American Family gets zapped.

mark you know as well as i do,

american family will follow the state farm program. contribute to the judge's campaign, buy a judge, overturn the verdict.

no problem.

it's nice to see a few verdicts in the little guys favor, but with the appeal process, the little guy will probably never see the money.

Re: American Family gets zapped.

Joe may be right, but I'm guessing that Am Fam will realize that eating the verdict to keep the press about the 'flying pink pig' from getting any bigger is the smart move. Remember the stunt Farmers (as I recall) pulled against the nice lady that ended up living in her car in WA because somebody deliberately running into her didn't fall under the definition of 'accident' in the policy? They paid big in that fiasco, in terms of dollars and bad PR.

The Farm was fighting a billion verdict, and now the Judge they bought is dealing wiht the backlash, and if the articles are true, the Farm might have spent as much as this verdict buying that judge.

There's not enough money here to risk the increase in bad press and the flying pink pig is already in the court records.

On the other hand, the records have Bill Hardt saying "How do we convince consumers these parts are the same, when we know they're not?" also.

Now, the Farm has the shops who sign accepting the liability for the parts, and for informing the consumers that they shop used them.

Re: American Family gets zapped.

i think the flying pig is classic.

that must have presented such a clear picture to the jury. without the pig i wonder what would have happened?

maybe it is that rub it in your face type stuff that really sets the jury off.

i don't think a story like this could get to much press, hopefully we are not the only ones who actually read stories like that.

Re: American Family gets zapped.

This is a classic !!!!!

"Four Stars" **** - Siskel & Ebert

Re: American Family gets zapped.

I bet they have the last laugh on the appeal .

Re: American Family gets zapped.

Mark...where's the proof that any judge was paid off? I'd like to see that. Thanks.

Re: American Family gets zapped.

If I may, I'll answer that one Glassgod.

Google "Karmeier and State Farm", but get a big cup of coffee first.

In defense of the Farm, it's not just about them and Karmeier, it's about Big Tobacco and Karmeier too.

Re: American Family gets zapped.

Thanks Mark....I had no idea. I guess I shoulda went to law school and became a judge.

Re: American Family gets zapped.

In fairness to the Farm, this was in Sunday's St. Louis Post Dispatch. "The law firm that represented the plaintiffs against State Farm, Clifford Law Offices of Chicago, donated $10,000 to Justice Charles Freeman in 2000. Freeman voted against State Farm in last year's decision." (that decision was reversed by Justice Karmeier who did receive campaign contributions from lawyers and employees of State Farm.) Works both ways for judges in Illinois (where dead people still vote).

Re: American Family gets zapped.

that just goes to show what can happen when you don't contribute from "the heart".

they didn't make that mistake twice. lol

Re: American Family gets zapped.

This just goes to show how "GREAT" America has become, or is the word "corrupt"?

Someday, I hope, WE THE PEOPLE take back this great country and stop letting the "1000 kings one mile away"(as one of my favorite movie quotes states)control our lives.

Re: American Family gets zapped.

What co. does Hal work for?

Re: American Family gets zapped.

3 Million is not enough!

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