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Something I am doing part duex.

This a follow up to Jesse's letter. Next week I am meeting with the Senate finance committee in our state. My question is for those of you in Minnesota regarding law #2570. Who/what determines your fair and reasonable pricing within the local industry at large? Is the law current and still in force and working for the glass industry? We like your law, can we use it!

Re: Something I am doing part duex.


First, I sincerely wish you the best of luck with your meeting.

Next, just what part of our law do you like?

We have language eliminating our freedom to offer any incentives to the customers (which my shop didn't do, but was not opposed to, as I felt it was a tool for customer retention and acquisition), language that requires the customer to be notified of the right to choose their shop (which does not eliminate steering, since the tpa's/insurance can still say the work may not be warrantied and/or the customer may be charged extra... true or not), and wording about "fair and reasonable," with NOTHING to establish it.

In my opinion, Minnesota law is a disaster. That is why so many of us here spend so much time fighting for a fair price. Those who aren't fighting are getting lower and lower payments all the time.

Our state law language does NOTHING to establish "fair and reasonable," nor is it clear on who gets to determine it. In almost every way I can think of, it is empty, language.

Believe me when I tell you, you don't want to borrow our law!

My personal opinion is that Minnesota law is worse now than it has ever been. If our laws were so great, my letter to my reps wouldn't have needed to be written. If our laws were so great, I wouldn't have anything to be taking action on, nothing I felt I needed to be fighting for. I'd just be doing the work and collecting the check.

Re: Something I am doing part duex.

What we liked about your law was that it was defined more than ours. But now it looks like we may be moving to Montana,(with our dental floss).

Re: Something I am doing part duex.

Nice. A Zappa reference.

Re: Something I am doing part duex.

Just she and her pygmy pony in the moonlighty night.

Re: Something I am doing part duex.

Here is an update. It was frustrating at times due to the fact the committee did not give us ample time to give a full testimony. However, for the most part, I think we stirred the pot. The committee plans on contacting the Attorney General regarding all of our testimonies. They are also contacting insurance companies so they will have the same opportunity as we did.It better be at the same time though, 3:30 p.m. They all seemed anxious to get home. We are allowed to attend this committee hearing and pass notes to those on the committee, if we have questions. We are not allowed to speak out or ask ?'s. We hope that there will be several more meetings for us until a decent law is passed.

Re: Something I am doing part duex.

Write a bunch of notes with questions before hand and give them all to the committee when the hearing starts.Maybe they will ask a couple of your questions.

At least they will have a clue what to ask the insurance companies.

Good luck!

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