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American Family Price Cut - How To Direct Bill Them?

American Family went from 33% or 37% above to 2% off (D and E rates). A Rates are now 39% off.

Stinklite does it again.

They are now going to go on our shop rates.

Anyone know how to direct bill American Family?

Re: American Family Price Cut - How To Direct Bill Them?

i got my fax this morning as well, there is now way they should be able to cut the price this much.

our costs are going up but somehow they think they can justify a 30% price decrease??

wish i could dictate the costs of things the way they do. i never signed their contract anyway, but accepted pricing when they called but not no more.

Re: American Family Price Cut - How To Direct Bill Them?

Hey guys,

What state are you in. The time to band together is now. One of the other alternitives are direct billing the inured and let them collect. Sure would make things easier.

Re: American Family Price Cut - How To Direct Bill Them?

Those kind of pricing models are SUICIDE>>>IT SEEMS THEY WANT ALL THE SHOPS TO JUST CLOSE OR SAY ,,, "NO MORE",,In MN D & E areas they want from +66 to a +20 so we just lost 46 % hmmm that is exactly the same amount we just lost with sgc and FARMERS. I know Hal keeps saying it's not sgc setting price, because he does not want to implicate them in price fixing,, but hey look at ALL the sgc statements and the ins co's they admin. for they ALL have the same labor models, kits ect. I sure wish shops would pitch in and help to get legistration to help this problem. Why can't we get legistration that would allow shops NOT wanting to use TPA's an avenue for direct billing???? I wonder how things would change if Ins co's HAD to ALLOW us to bill them without using some kind of third party or our competion,,,Hmmmm free enterprise would rule ,,AGAIN, I bet TPA's would have to improve thier customer service skills a whole lot! We would also see some sense of stability come back to this industry! AARRGGG!!!!! TICKS ME OFF, AND IT AINT GOING TO STOP UNTIL ENOUGH CAN SAY,,, "NO MORE"

Re: American Family Price Cut - How To Direct Bill Them?

What are their requested rates in MSA C areas? Thanks.

Re: American Family Price Cut - How To Direct Bill Them?

For those of you in MN file arbitration claims against them, we have been winning. For those of you not in MN file in Small Claims Court.

Re: American Family Price Cut - How To Direct Bill Them?

OK folks, some stuff to share.

For direct billing: we've all oviously got the internet. Every insurance company out there has a website nowdays. Somewhere on every website I've been to, there is a CONTACT US link or something like it where you can pull up an address to reach that company by mail. So happens that invoices seem to reach them that way. Sure a person could also include a note saying who is allowed to see the invoice or who credit is bein issued to or maybe a note about how its probably not the lowest price they get charged, but it's a price you need to get fair profit.

MN shops. For what I'll call legal reasons, I'm gonna be kinda vague. Sometimes official types of people you know will tell ya stuff in an unofficial way and that is kinda why I'm bein vague.

Anyhow, who says you gotta use tpas?

If you got a customer who is not so good about paying their bill, do you keep letting them charge? or do you cut them off? Do you really think there are laws that tell you that you gotta give credit to people or businesses who don't pay you according to your terms? Don't you think you might have some rights as a businessperson?

Do you really think there are laws that say you must do business with anybody? Do you suppose that maybe you can tell the insurance company that you are excersising your rights to do business only with people and businesses of your choosing and if they violate your rights you will file a complaint with the proper state authority?

Might I suggest that more people think outside the box and look for ways that the current laws can work for all of us. I don't care so much about tpas anymore, just about how fair prices are determined and the money end of things.

Re: American Family Price Cut - How To Direct Bill Them?

the only way that the prices will stop dropping is when the shops ( most work out of their home/truck ) stop giving out prices that in a long run they wont be able to stay open. If they had any business sence about them, they would understand you have to make something. not to gouge but a "FAIR" price. $50. over list hurts the whole industry. If you cant be business smart then go find a job so you can learn how to use your brain and run a company.

Re: American Family Price Cut - How To Direct Bill Them?

Received revised pricing from American Family/Safelite

Thursday, February 2, 2006

Dear Shop Owner/Manager,

On Monday, January 30, 2006, you received new glass pricing from American Family. In reviewing, the data we realized the NAGS rebalance was not accounted for in the discounts you received. Below are the American Family glass discounts which do take in consideration the NAGS rebalance of last March.

Accurate invoices, which do not exceed the updated pricing structure, will be paid promptly after submission. The pricing structure effective for services performed on or after February 9, 2006 is as follows:

NAGS windshield +10%
NAGS tempered +10%
Labor: $40 Flat
Plus: Hourly Labor Rate $34.00 Per Nags Hour
Etc. Etc.

Anyone else receive a revision?

Re: American Family Price Cut - How To Direct Bill Them?

I can confirm that one DK.

Huge change, wasn't it?

I still say Safelite is running scared because of Belron, and pursuing a 'scortched earth' tactic. The only way they can slow Belron down is to make it totally unprofitable for them to do work. I believe at this point, Safelite has nothing to lose.

Of course, as someone else above put it....guess who gets caught in the crossfire? And Hal's comments continue to show that insurers are laughing all the way to the bank.

What we can do is this: CHARGE for what you do, at a fair profit, and DO WHAT YOU CHARGE FOR. And of course, do it better than your competitors. One definition of insanity that I'm just betting will show up in Webster's next edition will be: "Copying bankrupt business models until your business dies as so many glass shops have".

I'd like to know who that supplier is that totally tossed Nags in entirety and is charging realistic numbers. I'd like to call them and give 'em a heckuva "'ATTA BOY!". (or "ATTA GIRL!" whichever, or both, is appropriate) So far two I deal with refused, and continue to refuse, to go with the new benchmark revisions.

Re: American Family Price Cut - How To Direct Bill Them?

i got the same fax, but they forgot to change the numbers mine were still below list.

what the heck is going on? ha ha. i was offended the first paragraph said we didn't take the rebalance into account, and they turned around and gave me the same discount.

i just didn't like that much at all

Re: American Family Price Cut - How To Direct Bill Them?

I got so many faxes from american family I think they must be nuts over there. we went from 36%+ to 33- to 3- to 10+ do they have a clue?
also harmon solutions calls me weekly to get me to sign their contract. I told them NO and take my name off the list of calling P.Gross can sit on it for all I care! I did have some guy call me yesterday and asked what type of pricing they were offering I told them and he even said that was crazy! I told them I was taking all the work they short paid me to arbatration. maybe that is why he is now calling to get me to reconsider. anyone else getting these calls from Harmon solution?

Re: American Family Price Cut - How To Direct Bill Them?

Told them my prices as theirs could not work in my shop. I figure its better for some one other than me to loss money.

Re: American Family Price Cut - How To Direct Bill Them?

Hi guys,
Would one of you who have received the fax being discussed be so kind as to fax AGRR magazine a copy? 540/720-5687.

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