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Re: Episodes of Countdown that have not aired on Rage yet - 2022 update

Brett (2)
According to my notes, 21/09/86 was missed when scheduled to air in the regular 2015 retro season, it must have been something else running overtime.

Due to a large number of people complaining about the show being missed, the Rage team relented and showed it on 04/02/2015 - about the only time they have ever done this...for some reason my notes say "ABC 3" - but Ive got no idea what that means...

Armin - one of your older postings in here which has all Rage dates that Countdowns aired does have 21/09/86 with (2015) in brackets next to it.
Cheers Brett
One of my cut and paste jobs must have had a glitch, or maybe as the episode was shown separately I overlooked it.

I just had a look at the episode and noticed that there was no watermark on it which was nice, just the occasional Rage subtitles with the episode date. I think this sometimes happened on ABC3 at the time so that would match your notes. I do remember there was one episode they showed in a usual replay slot section after Retro month as it was bumped from the original scheduling.

I just typed "527" as the search word at the top of this page and we had a bit of discussion going in 2009 (when I found the run sheet details on TARA which hadn't been listed by Jason) and 2015 (when they aired it).

Anyhow I guess that means we need 25 episodes (not 26) from 1986 and there are 70 (not 71) episodes still to go....assuming I haven't botched anything else.

Re: Episodes of Countdown that have not aired on Rage yet - 2022 update

Thanks Armin. Your updates are so interesting and useful when calculating what has been played and what is still yet to be played on rage. There are still so many episodes to air, especially from 1983, 1985 and 1986. Let's hope we have a larger number of Countdown episodes played on rage next year.