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Re: Countdown - Digital File Sharing

Just thought I would chime in with some ideas for you all on how to share your recordings.

Onedrive and gdrive links are risky, whilst they work, hosting copyrighted works could be problematic, if they are reported to copyright holders you could have your One Drive or Gdrive account terminated, this would be lower risk if you are not posting those links on a public message board.

In one drive and Gdrive, If you share folders between users, there is a cool Apple TV app called Infuse which, if you use the paid version, will allow you to stream from your cloud drive (Gdrive, OneDrive and pCloud). This could be very handy if you have a lot of recordings on the cloud or if you have been given access to an shared cloud folder (you can just stream the recordings right through your apple TV).

Another option, not using the cloud, could be using something like SoulSeek, it's a simple peer 2 peer program, you share your private folder between authorised users and exchange recordings that way, if you upload speed is slow, it won't really matter as eventually the data will transfer across. There's no risk to your paid cloud storage when sharing, it's also free.
Is there a service that we could all add to? Then that would be a "library" of all the episodes we have that we can all source from.

Re: Countdown - Digital File Sharing

Nothing that's free. Unlisted on Youtube won't work, the music videos will prompt the videos to be blocked.

You could have one Google Workspace account which provides 2TB of storage, but it costs about $18 per month, and if people want to upload or contribute, they can so so by making a free Gdrive (you get 15GB for free), they create an upload folder, upload the video to that, then they share their Upload folder with the Workspace account, then whoever is running that account they can just Copy the video to the main collection, the contributor could then delete their copy, freeing up space in their drive to share more content.

It might be a bit of a learning curve, but whoever is managing the main Workspace account could control who they share the recordings with, but authorised users would be able to access and stream the content freely, they wouldn't have to pay for a workspace account.

Another option could be pDrive, that doesn't have a monthly cost but rather it has a one off, lifetime option, but it's $500 AUD for 2TB (sometimes they do specials), but I guess if you got a few users to contribute, or you charge for access, it could be viable.

Re: Countdown - Digital File Sharing

Ok put your thinking caps on. Surely in this day and age there is some way for everyone to make their whole collections available in a way that is FREE OF COST for anyone who wants to download the whole thing and preferably without having to interact with anyone and not having to even say so much as a thank you. Do better please it must be possible.

Re: Countdown - Digital File Sharing

I just realized I'm missing 18/12/1983 with Pseudo Echo, I saw it on YouTube with the rage logo. How did I miss that one? Anyone have a copy?

Also, I'd love to get my hands on:

* the Ramones episode from 1980
* the B-52s episode where they performed Private Idaho and Rock Lobster.

I seem to remember Molly had a lobster on his head.

Did these episodes make it on to rage?

Thanks in advance. 😎