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Re: ABC HD & ABC standard

50i is 25 full frames/sec, interlaced.
It's what analogue tv was, and it's what a lot of digital tv still is.

Re: ABC HD & ABC standard

SD Vs HD, depends on your perspective and what you're doing with the video. SD is fine if you are making DVDs, because the SD stream is MPEG, there will be little, if any re-encoding if you are going from PVR (like a Topfield recorder) to PC to DVD. However, ABC has greatly reduced the SD bitrate over the years, I have digital recordings in SD from ten years ago that look great but these days, they just look :hankey:, as more people have HD sets, the quality of the SD feed has deteriorated.

Original broadcasts of Countdown might not have originally shot in HD, but ABCHD is broadcast in MPEG4, a newer format. It should look better, you may even find part of the transferring process at the ABC is upscaling the content digitally before it's aired on Rage.

Another argument supporting HD is if you are uploading to YouTube, YouTube gives a higher bitrate allowance to HD videos, so again, they should look much better on YouTube than uploading an SD quality MPEG2 video.

One area where SD wins against HD is DVD creation. If you are making a DVD from the HD video, you're going from about a 50 frames per second to 25 fps, so when you look at movement in your end product, it will look fuzzy, not to mention with a HD video you're scaling down the video. So SD wins if you're making DVDs.
Apologies for mis-speaking. The HD channel is indeed broadcast interlaced. My bad.

But I have noticed that when rage gets 'new' old clips out of the ABC Archive and adds them to its own library, when they digitise them they are increasingly de-interlacing it in that process. Have a look at the Rock Arena repeat from a couple of weeks ago - it is all de-interlaced to be progressive, not left as interlaced as it was originally :hankey:

ABC has not reduced the SD bitrate. That is a false claim.

I looked at the MPEG stream data for some SD channel clips I recorded in 2006. They were peaking around 5.7-6.3 Mbps. I looked at SD channel clips recorded in the last few weeks, they were peaking around 5.9-6.6 Mbps. And I record the raw MPEG stream directly to hard disk. I do not use a DVD recorder, so no transcoding, no converting. These are the true, raw bitrates as broadcast.

Note the bitrate varies depending on the content. Fast moving content needs a higher bitrate. Very slow moving content might be as low as 2 Mbps.

The HD bitrate is much lower, around 3.5-4 Mbps, because H.264 is a much more efficient codec than MPEG-2, even though there are more pixels to encode.