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Re: Meatloaf - Episode 463 1st week of Retro Month - Confirmed

Rage mentioned on Facebook there will be more Countdown after the Meatloaf tribute.

The first night of Retro is normally the best, just a pity that a tribute has popped up in it but I'm happy to get the 1985 Countdown. I'm a bit more concerned by what will air by the third week.

Going by their promo image they also show Suzanne Dowling and Andrew Peters, so there may well be some Rock Arena's (unless there is false advertising) but disturbingly they also had a picture of Dylan Lewis which means some recordings will be deleted immediately.
The 1985 countdown should be amazing one of my favorite years.

Rock Arena's awesome

Recovery not so much

Re: Meatloaf - Episode 463 1st week of Retro Month - Confirmed


The 1985 Countdown episode looks fine and it is unrepeated so GREAT * Pleased about that ... BUT ... Not pleased that the Meatloaf videos have to be on the first 'rage goes retro'! Are rage purposely trying to cut back on Countdown and Rock Arena episodes?!

Why isn't the Meat Loaf videos on the Friday night??? It is disappointment after disappointment again and again the more the years go by.

I did read rage say that there will be more Countdown episodes after Meatloaf, so at least that is a good sign.

Meatloaf died last week, why haven't rage done their tribute by now?

Re: Meatloaf - Episode 463 1st week of Retro Month - Confirmed

This episode has been unaired on Rage since it was originally screened. It will screen during week 1 of Retro Month (Sat Feb 5th). Original episode date is 26th May 1985.

Source : Rage FB Page.
I'd do anything for love, But I won't watch that.......

Re: Meatloaf - Episode 463 1st week of Retro Month - Confirmed

And what's cool is that I have most of the unplayed episodes on first-gen time code and this is one that I don't have. Looking forward to this, not that the Loaf was releasing anything worthy at that stage, but because 1985 was a cracker year!!