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Rage vault Monday 23rd March. Will pay for copy of it.

Do they repeat last nights show?
If not I will pay via PayPal or anyway you wish to get a copy of the show with 16:9 switched on in xp mode or greater on DVD.
Please let me know how much you want?
Appreciate any help thanks.



Re: Rage vault Monday 23rd March. Will pay for copy of it.

Hi just to clarify. Im not after a 16 :9 copy. Im after a 4:3 copy thats recorded in 16:9 mode so its plays 4:3 on a wide screen tv.

I will pay 20 bucks for a copy on dvd and pay for post.


Re: Rage vault Monday 23rd March. Will pay for copy of it.

I have a raw recording of it. DVR's basically record the bits being broadcast. So unless you want it in HD, my recording is the best quality available and anybody else's recording will be as good as mine but not better.

Editing down to the black frame before the opening to the black frame after the ending (does not include anything but the show, not even the "rated MA" bit) is 46:56 (1.54GB) while the full recording is 74:55 (2.7GB) as I record VAULT with a lot of leeway.

Would you like it as a DVD video or as computer files?
Would you like it cut up into individual videos or would you like the whole show?
Can you download it or would you need it burned to DVD and posted?

Sub-question - If you want the whole show not cut up into individual videos, would you like the full recording or just the show?

And, just to clarify, you would like it to be in 16:9 with black bars down each side of the 4:3 videos? This is as broadcast so it would not need to be altered.

Although, given how small it is (ABC has had a rather crap bitrate lately) if you want it as computer files burned on a DVD, I'll send it in original 16:9 (with black bars down the side) and in 4:3 (with the black bars cut off)