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Re: One Night Stand (movie)

Guru, if you come across any episodes of 'E Street', 'The Flying Doctors', 'Acropolis Now' or 'Tonight Live with Steve Vizard' let me know - I'm trying to think of more stuff I would find interesting from the early 90's??? Although an answer to this could take some time, months or years going by the amount of tapes you have.
I have a Countdown themed ep of Tonight Live

Re: One Night Stand (movie)


My father is an actor and starred in quite a lot of local productions - Storm Boy, Blue Fin, The Last Wave,etc. Some are on DVD but many others aren't.

It's all a matter of who owns the rights to them. And some of them are owned by several companies so they may never see the light of day. I want to find a movie called 'The Fourth Wish' starring John Mellion and made in 1976. My father and brother were in it and it was filmed at the local pub which my family owned. Can't find that anywhere on DVD either unfortunately.

Would love to see all of them released sometime - a great snapshot of a fine era.

I have a VHS tape of The Fourth Wish released by CEL Home Entertainment. Are you interested in a DVD copy?

Re: One Night Stand (movie)

Wow, am I ever! Yes please that would be fantastic.

If you want anything for it in return send me an email. Cheers for that, very much appreciated.

Re: One Night Stand (movie)

HI, I am too after a copy of One Night Stand and have been looking for ages. I have found many copies on Ebay but alas I do not have an NTSC Video Player. I would be able to do a swap with anything you may be after. I have a lot of Prisoner stuff (A lot of events I have been to)on video, mainly avi's and Mp4's. Let me know as I would really enjoy seeing this show again.

Cheers Terry

Re: One Night Stand (movie)

I have copied a dvd of the movie "One Night Stand" with ads also. As I copy on LP mode to save on disc space I have also added a second Aussie flick from 1984 "Melvin, Son Of Alvin" which is the sequel to the Alvin movies of the 1970s. You may know or already have it. This was aired around the same time of the "One Night Stand" movie either 1988 or 1989 something like that and it also has adds added. I don't have any recollection of the movies I requested ever airing on commercial tv since the mid 1980s so I doubt you will be able to help me with those titles although it would be good if you did have them in you're collection. I know I would have recorderd them by this had they been on the tv as I always record the classic Aussie movies back at the time. Nothing has changed always waiting for that rare forgotten Aussie movie gem. Please if you can send me some sort of list what you have in the way of music or tv or film. My tastes are fairly broad so I'm sure there is something I will want. Just send me you're details and will post off this week.

Hope you enjoy them.

Re: One Night Stand (movie)

Hi Scott
I don't actually have a contact email for you.

Also I don't have a list of all the movies I have from the bulk lot I bought - there would be about 1000 but mostly common I'd assume - all shown on TV in the last 20 years. That lot actually came with a cataloged (hand-written) list but I can't find it at the moment but either way not much use.

I could send a list of music but I haven't updated my list since mid 2010 due to a lack of time, although I haven't gotten much since then as I had mainly been trading football footage. I can give you that to look through.

Does the quality of the movie remain OK recorded in LP? I find once you go beyond 2 hours on a disc you start experiencing pixelation.

Re: One Night Stand (movie)

Not sure if I am late to this. But I got two dvd copies from www.ioffer.com
There is one for sale there now:


Hope that helps!


Re: One Night Stand (movie)

Thanks for the reply Tom, much appreciated.

I have however received a copy from Scott but it is good to know other sources for material.

Re: One Night Stand (movie)

In John Duigan's interview on The Weekend Australian Review dated April 14-15 2012, he is working with Umberlla Entertainment to track his pre-fame 70s films for DVD release and he said to The Weekend Australian Review, "Mouth To Mouth is one, which I'm very pleased about. Far East is another, Winter Of Our Dreams, and they're hoping to do One Night Stand as well."
If his 1994 film Sirens starring Elle Macpherson got a soundtrack of old songs, it will have Girls On Film by Duran Duran on a possible would-be soundtrack.

Re: One Night Stand (movie)

One Night Stand is for sale on videotape at Amazon.com

Re: One Night Stand (movie)

One Night Stand will be released on DVD by Umbrella Entertainment next month. It's part of Ozploitation Classics series.

Re: One Night Stand (movie)

I saw this movie in year 8 (1987) at school. Thought it was great then, so borrowed it from the library in the 90's and watched it again, with more of an understanding of what it was all about. Still think it's a classic.

Re: One Night Stand (movie)

As of September this month an official DVD movie “One Night Stand” from 1984 is released for sale through all good DVD and retail stores. Enjoy!