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retro week 3 aspect ratios

The first (1981) episode shown was in its correct 4:3 aspect ratio.

The second (1986) episode, unfortunately, has been stretched, again. It has not been stretched quite as much as the episodes in week 1, but the picture definitely extends outside of the 4:3 aspect ratio.

D a m n. Just when we thought Jason and Clip Magnet's efforts had resulted in rage sorting this problem :(

I hope other episodes shown tonight are not stretched.

Re: retro week 3 aspect ratios


Just checked in while Dire Straits clips are on.

Glad the 1981 was not stretched and what an episode it was, STUNNNNNNNING xcxxx So glad they played it from my list, so many RARE clips. Perfection xxxx

I really enjoyed the 1986 Episode, it was great. Lots of brilliant videos and an intro to Scritti Politti xxxx

Nathan, I will have to email you, my pixelation on 1986 was out of control, many several pixelations on the episode arghhhhhh. Pity 1986 was stretched too ... I tried my hardest with rage :-(

And one pixelation on Meo 245, can I have copies from your DVD recorder of the 1981 and 1986?

I hope the rest of the night there are no more pixelation problems, this weekend seems to be the beginning of it in a big way.

Hopefully no more stretching for the rest of the night...

Re: retro week 3 aspect ratios

Jason, unfortunately, the first 1987 episode showing now (3rd episode for the night) is also stretched.

D a m n.

Looks like rage need to be reminded not to do this every week :(

The 1986 episode wasn't as stretched for some clips in the top 10/Humdrum segment, which is odd. But the episode definitely was stretched on the whole.

Re: retro week 3 aspect ratios

The 1984 episode looks OK/not stretched. Phew.

I'm probably going to get to bed before the final episode begins, but will report on it tomorrow (unless someone beats me to it).

Re: retro week 3 aspect ratios

It's not as obvious, but I think the last 1987 episode shown was stretched, too, though stretched a little (not much) to the left of the screen, rather than the right.

You can see in this screen shot below of Bangles 'Walking Down Your Street' how there is no black vertical line along the left side of the screen, but there is one on the right (it need not be as thick as this, necessarily - but there is NO line on the left at all). The picture appears to extend right to (and presumably past) the left edge of the 4:3 region of the screen.

The grey border is just from the program I've used to open the file in.

B l o o d y rage.

I haven't yet checked the 1981 and 1984 episodes that I previously said were OK - they may too have been stretched a little to the left, but the second 1987 episode shown last night did look a little larger than these two when viewing my 16:9 recording.

Re: retro week 3 aspect ratios

Here's another shot from the second 1987 episode shown last night:

Again, there is a vertical black line on the right edge of the picture, but nothing on the left. The picture runs right to the edge of the left hand side of the 4:3 region of the screen, and probably past it.

Re: retro week 3 aspect ratios

VHS (top) vs rage (bottom) last night:

It's a bit hard to tell if anything was cropped from this frame alone.

Re: retro week 3 aspect ratios

Bangles 'Walking Down Your Street' DVD (top) vs rage (bottom) last night:

The purplish ribbon pinned on the middle of the board on the left looks *slightly* thicker in the top image than the bottom one, which suggests that a very thin slice of the picture does extend beyond the 4:3 region of the screen on the rage airing.