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Countdown Friday episodes?

I was just curious to find out if anyone knows if any of the Countdown Friday episodes that were played during 1982 still exist? It would be great in future Retro Months if these episodes were shown. By memory I think there were around 20 Countdown Fridays shown in 1982. Also, wasn't there a Countdown Flipside show during 1983?

Re: Countdown Friday episodes?

Rage have aired a few Flipside episodes from 1983. I have five of them but there may be more.

Re: Countdown Friday episodes?

There was a thread about a year ago where some Countdown Friday playlists were posted, sourced from the Kent Music Report (Australia's national chart publication at the time).

Here it is:


Scroll down to the post by me dated Jan 28, 2017 - 6:58PM. That's where the playlists start.

Re: Countdown Friday episodes?

Oops, forget the link above, this thread has all of the playlist that are known:


As for whether the ABC still have these episodes, I don't know, but I assume they would have, if they have nearly all Countdown episodes from this era.

Re: Countdown Friday episodes?

Thanks for the link Nathan, much appreciated.

Re: Countdown Friday episodes?

No Countdown Flipsides have been screened on Rage, the 5 editions in existence were all taped on VHS home recordings back in 1983. I used to set the timer and put them all on videotape at the time as I was trying to collect older clips, but sadly many of the shows were lost when I opted to re-edit them taking out the clips I didnt like and then wipe the original.