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Rumours for this Retro Season

Does anyone have any idea what might be played this summer? There are five weekends as well, so hopefully we will get five retro specials and more Countdown. BTW whatever happened to those FLashez episodes that were meant to have been returned to the ABC. Were they ever shown?

Re: Rumours for this Retro Season

No idea about what will be shown or the Flashez episodes, but it's most likely we will get 5 weekends' worth of retro. There were 5 weekends in January this year, and 5 weeks we got; as we did last time there were 5 weekends.

Unfortunately due to 2017 following a leap year, we won't get 3 years in a row of 5-weekend Januaries.

Plus the Monday night/Tuesday morning ABC1 Vault show will hopefully continue, so it will be retro overload!

Re: Rumours for this Retro Season

It will run from 11:21pm to 5am on January 2. That's not a rumour, just what the TV Guide says. So 5 hours 39min Retro plus the hour in the morning unless they choose to run over time towards 7am. Normally they only play 'G' rated material after 5am but as Countdown was 'G' rated anyhow we can hope they will run to 7am; this year they ran to 6am with new clips 6-7am so hopefully over 6.5hours of Retro on Jan 2.

Hopefully at least 3 Countdowns each week that Rage haven't previously aired. It is the most sought after material and even that would only fill half the show.

Hopefully no Recovery as we already had a full night (6 hours) of that a few weeks ago.
Hopefully no common clips between episodes - you can see that on YouTube if you wanted it. Axe common clips and show some Hitscene, GTK, Flashez, Rock Arena etc.
Hopefully no over-run or intrusion of any other program such as tennis and hockey have done in the past although last year they did air a cut episode during their mid week repeats if memory serves me right.

With 5 nights I am hopeful of a decent January. We have had 13-16 episodes in recent years and 20 this year with 5 weekends so with 5 weekends again we should hope for around the higher regions of those figures.

20 episodes would be nice. If they do that then I don't really care what else they play.

Re: Rumours for this Retro Season

I hope they ditch the themed 'artists appearing on Saturday night retro shows' playlist for the 10:30-11:30 slot on Saturday mornings they've had for the last few years. Occasionally it results in some rare videos being dug out, but usually it's just common clips being shown. I much preferred the Saturday morning hour when it was just random retro videos with no ties necessarily to the Countdown/etc. episodes shown the following night.

What they've been doing for most of this year is repeating the Saturday morning Vault segment (not the 10:30-11:30 slot) from 5am on Sunday morning... so it effectively gets aired 4 times: Saturday morning, Sunday morning, Sunday night, Tuesday night. I hope they don't do that during January, as it's a waste of space where they could be showing other retro material. One repeat on ABC3 is enough.

Re: Rumours for this Retro Season

Hopefully they may air at least one of the 1972 episodes of Hitscene.

Re: Rumours for this Retro Season

Thanks guys.