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Peter Allen biopic mini-series

Peter Allen biopic mini-series is on this Sunday and continuing next Sunday at 8.40pm on Channel 7 so don't miss to see The Boy From Oz.

Re: Peter Allen biopic mini-series

It should actually be quite good as a lot of the recent TV series done covering Australian content such as Paper Wars, World Series Cricket and INXS have been excellent. I've never followed Peter's career but he was certainly a large figure in the entertainment industry. He was forever doing National (later Panasonic) ads in the 80's and is just about guaranteed to feature on every one of my video tapes of TV recordings from the era.

I like the fact that this mini-series is going to re-create Peter doing Rio on Countdown, which should be interesting to see.

Re: Peter Allen biopic mini-series

When I saw the second and final part last night, there was two scenes about Countdown; one is not real and one is real.
When Olivia Newton-John's I Honestly Love You which Peter Allen wrote was a no.1 hit in Australia and the USA, she performed it on Countdown in the mini-series and in real, it's not because Countdown didn't premiered until November 2 1974 and Livvy was in America, performed the same song on American music and variety shows includes American Bandstand and The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson and when Peter returned to Australia for one of his tours due to the phenomenon of I Go To Rio which it was a No. 1 Australian hit in 1977, there's a re-creation of a lost Countdown interview with Peter and live performance of I Go To Rio by him here but it was a pity of both of it didn't existed before, leaving his Countdown performance of The More I See You still existed on the ABC archives in real.

Re: Peter Allen biopic mini-series

I Honestly Love You was originally offered to Helen Reddy. Helen did not feel comfortable singing the song with a jealous husband. Helen Suggested to Peter give it to Olivia. Peter in the Us was managed by Jeff Wald Helen's Husband at the time.

Adam W