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Eurogliders questions

I was wondering if anyone might have some information about the Eurogliders album "Blue Kiss" that was due for release in 2006? (I have read on some internet sites that it was actually released, but can find no trace of this ever having occurred.)

I note that the track "Blue Kiss" features on the new Eurogliders acoustic album "Don't Eat The Daisies" and am wondering if the 2006 album has been abandoned altogether? I would love to know more about this project.

The other query I have concerns a download for Eurogliders' 1988 cd single "Listen". I seem to recall that someone on this site may have had this four track single available for download and wondered if they might be willing to share this again? It would be very much appreciated.

It would be great to get some rarer Eurogliders tracks (eg b-sides, the first album) issued on cd at some stage.



Re: Eurogliders questions

I don't know anything about the 2006 album, but remember that rage aired a video from this ('Hummingbird') in January 2010 during retro month amongst a couple of other Eurogliders videos. Interestingly, they didn't air it when it was a new release though in 2006.

Re: Eurogliders questions

Thanks for that Nathan. Yes "Hummingbird" was a single from the self-titled album that was released in 2005. The story goes that whilst recording that particular album, Grace and Bernie had been so prolific that a second album was held over with the intention of issuing it the following year. It was only some time later that I read about an album entitled "Blue Kiss" that was apparently released in 2006, but I've never seen any evidence of this. I'd love to hear that collection of unreleased songs. From what I can tell, a few of these have been re-recorded in acoustic fashion for the new album that was released earlier this month.

Re: Eurogliders questions

Hey Scott, I stumbled across you getting your groove on with Grace on stage to 'No Action'...very funny! and very jealous!


Re: Eurogliders questions

Hey Scott, would love to hear from you about this video.