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Australia Now!

Australia Now!


Sat 14 Mar, 5:10 pm and Sun 15 Mar, 8:30am. Duration 85 mins,

This Australia Day special presentation is a visual and music scrapbook of '80s Australia featuring interviews and electric live performances from Cold Chisel, INXS, Midnight Oil, Men At Work and many others.

Genre: Music & Radio
Sub-Genre: Rock
Country of Production: Australia
Year of Production: 1983
Language: English
Colour type: Colour

Being repeated this weekend! This is an amazing piece of australian music and cultural identity, featuring a lot of tracks from 1982 and interviews/commentary from James Reyne, Glenn Shorrock, Neil & Tim Finn, Michael Hutchence. Produced in '83, it features all the big aussie acts: Australian Crawl, Icehouse, Mental As Anything, Mondo Rock, Cold Chisel, Eurogliders, Split Enz, Little River Band, INXS, Goanna, Midnight Oil, Moving Pictures, Men At Work, The Angels...

Now this should have been shown during retro month!

Re: Australia Now!

I saw this a few weeks ago. Was quite good

Re: Australia Now!

I don't have pay TV but I'm quite sure it would be the same footage that was released on video at the time. It was originally called Australia Now in 1983 (I have a copy somewhere but can't find it now) and when it was re-done later it changed to Australia's Best - see cover below. It was also being used to promote Australian music overseas and I think it is the best Australian music doco that they did.

 photo australias best_zpss0cm7v6l.jpg

Re: Australia Now!

I found the other video release. It is the same footage.

 photo australia now_zps2pt7zmrc.jpg

Re: Australia Now!

I wonder if Australia Now should be re-released on DVD.

Re: Australia Now!

Thanks Guru. Nicholas, I now have it on DVD!