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rage airing youtube videos

I know few here probably watched/recorded it, but I strongly suspect that rage aired at least 2 videos directly from youtube (so far where I'm up to, I haven't watched all of it yet) last night.

This one was ripped from a German promo VHS series I'm familiar with (I recognise the font on the artist & record label superscript, plus their showing of the single sleeve during the chorus), cropped to appear widescreen, and upscaled on youtube to HD (which isn't real HD anyway)... and rage aired this exact same copy of the video, chosen by the guest programmer:


The video that came before it, Jan Terri's 'Losing You', looks like it was also ripped from youtube.

Re: rage airing youtube videos

Expect more of it. I noticed that a lot lately. A show on Araura jukebox Saturday night on Foxtel uses mostly youtube videos

Re: rage airing youtube videos

I noticed that rage updated their submissions page a while back. They now accept online links to videos. It doesn't mention youtube specifically, but it alludes to it with the 'preferably at least 720p' quality or whatever it states.

But youtube 'HD' videos are not actually HD. When I save them, the bitrate for a 1080p youtube video (around 3Mbps) is actually lower than the SD Standard Play (SP) bitrate (around 5Mpbs) on my DVD recorder.

I'm all for rage airing rare/obscure videos, but aren't like the possibility that they may resort to saving youtube uploads (which are quite compressed even at 1080p) to source them.

Re: rage airing youtube videos

^ that should be don't like, not aren't like. I can't edit my posts anymore, it seems.

Re: rage airing youtube videos

That explains the poor quality of the videos shown.