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13/09/1981 EPISODE xoxoxoxo

The 1981 Christopher Atkins hosted Countdown episode from 13/09/1981 was SERIOUSLY one of THE THE THE THE THE THE THE most OUTSTANDING episodes I have ever seen. WOW, so riveting! SLOW CHILDREN with PRESIDENT AM I was all TOOOOO COOL! ...

The Swingers, Ayers Rock and Radiators in the studio were all SUBLIME and like always, the 1981 episodes have THE most thrilling, inventive and dynamic stage sets and effects. I got very excited seeing one of the audience members who dressed as Adam Ant the following week on the Adam episode. He is SO cool and seeing him go off to Swingers and Radiators was GREAT. I wonder if he is around on Facebook? ... Bravo rage for this episode.

May I add, HUMDRUM! The guy on the motorbike delivering the Meatloaf album was BRILLLLIANT! And Duran with Careless Memories in HUMDRUM *** YES ***

And the 1982 episode was also so highly entertaining even though I have a timercode ... I screamed when I saw David Sylvian intro Visions Of China xoxoxoxo ... Nothing beats 1981 and 1982 Countdown's, NOTHING. Thanks SO MUCH raaaaaage! Love the Toni Basil interview too ...

Re: 13/09/1981 EPISODE xoxoxoxo

Couldn't agree more - love "One Track Mind",that was awesome. I hadn't seen the video for "Visions Of China" - a shame David was so shy,Japan could have been huge.

Re: 13/09/1981 EPISODE xoxoxoxo

and don't forget Marcia's clip for 'Your Love Still Brings Me To Your Knees'! What a rarity!

Re: 13/09/1981 EPISODE xoxoxoxo

Absolutely, Marcia's video made me just GASP!

It's SOOOO RARE! I copied and pasted my review from my Facebook page/rage page etc. I followed mentioning Marcia's "Your Love Still Brings Me To My Knees" but didn't copy and paste the added comment here x

Re: 13/09/1981 EPISODE xoxoxoxo

I requested this show as I in particular wanted the original music clip of Marcia Hines 'Your Love Still Brings Me To My Knees' I had remembered first seeing it when I watched this show way back in 1981 and although I would of liked to see more of Sally Boyden while watching it again I realised that she only makes an appearance toward the end of the Sep 13, 1981 show. 1982 was great with Shakin' Stevens, Wendy & The Rocketts & Marcia Hines too. My other request was the Jul 28, 1985 show as I wanted to see the Renee Geyer 'All My Love' music video clip once again among other stuff. Glad you guys enjoyed the shows as much as I did the first time around.

Re: 13/09/1981 EPISODE xoxoxoxo

RE Japan clip

An all-to-rare treat for me to hear simply 'anything' from this band' Whilst listening to the song I was marveling at the following concept: An English band called Japan singing about China using a still notionally American music form. The 'look' of the group must surely have informed a lot of the early 'Visual-Kei' bands out of their eponyem as well.

Overall, loved the show the, still do now, loved the night, a busy one in my neck of the woods (not Gavin etc) and loved the month's offerings (mainly) as well.

Look forward to January again, crank up my Pilot now; take me there somehow

Re: 13/09/1981 EPISODE xoxoxoxo

I got the Japan clip on a various artists promo VHS compilation from 1984, containing about 30 tracks, late last year. Didn't get it specifically for that track (which I didn't know previously), but it was on there. I thought of Jason when it came on