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death Of Margot Moir

I just saw on music site noise 11 about the death Of Margot. Reports say she has been ill for some Time.

Wonder if they will play Good Morning How Are you.

Adam W

Re: death Of Margot Moir

Moir Sisters - Good Morning How Are You exists on several GTK episodes:
Nov 26 1974 & Sept 16 1975.

I have only ever seen a snippet of it in B&W but wonder if the clip may have been recorded in colour - being late 1974 - and may have been broadcast in colour in the 1975 GTK. It would be great if the ABC could pull this out but I doubt they will.

I went to the footy a couple of times with Ian Miller (he also followed Hawthorn as his grand father had played with them) and Ian produced Good Morning How Are You and won an award as music producer of the year in 1975 for that. He was also a member of John Paul Young's All Stars in the late 70's and appeared on Countdown a few times.

The only Moir clip I have seen on Rage was when they performed So Excited live on Countdown October 24 1982. On the Oct 17 1982 episode there was a snippet of the actual clip which is all I had ever seen of that.

Margot was part of the John Farnham tour in 1986.

Re: death Of Margot Moir

Can rage PLEASE play the actual video of So Excited!

rage played the Carol Pope episode for me about 5 years ago as I wanted Carol and Moir Sisters xoxoxoxoxo Now is the perfect time to try and find the video clip. How sad, my fav is the one with the crimp but Margot is the other in So Excited, she was stunning x

Pity if they do get played, that it had to be because of her death

Re: death Of Margot Moir

The original black & White clip of "Good Morning How Are You?" was briefly played on the 2003 ABC tv music series "Love Is In The Air" ep 2. "She's Leaving Home" all about Australian females in music so it is likely the ABC have this music clip available from GTK or any other source it was featured back at the time. I'm sure this would of been a clip featured on the very early black & white shows of Countdown during 1974.

R.I.P. Margot Moir.