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Nikki Nicholls

Nikki Nicholls is a Melbourne based female artist that had a couple or so single releases in the 80s. She has recorded and toured with John Farnham as well as various other bands & artists. In recent years Nikki toured the Girls Girls Girls! music show with Debra Byrne & Wendy Stapleton. She may not be instantly recognisable but her vocals can be heard on many Australian music recordings. She was often seen on variety shows like Don Lane Show, The Mike Walsh Show, The Two Ronnies In Australia, The Midday Show and of course this one off Countdown appearance for this single release in 1987.

Re: Nikki Nicholls

Thanks for the info, I had no idea who that was. It at least makes that episode a little more interesting in that they have something on it that I haven't seen

Re: Nikki Nicholls

She was a cack! Our version of Mandy Smith! I much prefer Peter Andre's version.

Re: Nikki Nicholls

Not a 'CACK' at all! She SAVED the bland 1987 episode/ Way better than Peter Andre's, she was BRILLIANT!

My friend suggested she was like Mandy Smith, only the campness was similar as Mandy Smith was STUNNING.

She added some colour to the 1987 episode

Re: Nikki Nicholls

I have seen Nikki perform live in person in recent years and this performance probably dosen't do her the best justice although I found it enjoyable enough still to see her back then. She really is a fantastic live performer and go see her if you get the chance as she is well worth seeing live in person.