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Rage Countdown Repeats On ABC3.

Rage now screens Rage Sunday-Thursday's 9.30pm aest on ABC3 ch 723. More likely that with Retro Month now back on we are likely to see some show highlights from Rage Sunday morning which hopefully will include Countdown. Great news is ABC3 don't display a watermark at that time of the night. I checked Sunday and last night but there were no shows from Sunday morning shown. I have a feeling as an hour of Rage is played Monday To Thursday's weekly on ABC3 more than likely we are likely to see some of these repeats.

Re: Rage Countdown Repeats On ABC3.

The watermark really isn't a problem now as Countdown is 4:3 and the watermark is outside of that, which is a definite plus :)

Re: Rage Countdown Repeats On ABC3.

I think the only possible Countdown repeats that are likely to happen on ABC3 are on Tuesday nights, which is when they repeat the 5-6am Sunday morning segment... which, for this week, will be the 1986 episode of Countdown, which was already a rage repeat anyway.

So it will a repeat of a repeat, meaning that episode will have aired on rage now THREE times

Re: Rage Countdown Repeats On ABC3.

UP TO FIVE times actually, if you count the original broadcast and the repeat the following week (usually)

Re: Rage Countdown Repeats On ABC3.

This week, and hopefully all weeks, it isn't important as nothing was cut from the schedule so the repeats aren't required.

It will only be when something is cut that everyone who has Facebook will need to go to the Rage site and plead for the cut items to be shown on ABC3 during the week.

As the ABC would have already cleared the program to air it shouldn't be a major issue for them to show it, just depends if they are willing to do it or set in their ways in regards to what they show during the week.

Re: Rage Countdown Repeats On ABC3.

Last night on ABC 3 Rage. they played Hall & Oates and Mental as Anything including the studio performance of If You Leave Me Can I Come To.