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Howard Jones

Hi Guys

Possibly the best news for the past 10 years, other than Icehouse releasing their videos, is that Howard Jones has finally released a DVD with all his music videos. See this link from his official site:


Re: Howard Jones

That is good news!

Re: Howard Jones

Can you please tell me what's on the tracklist and when it's going to be release?

Re: Howard Jones

I saw it advertised on the Howard Jones fan page about 2 weeks ago. It's out now... SO EXCITED, FINALLLLLLLLY!

Nicholas,the track listing is as follows:

New Song
What Is Love
Hide & Seek
Pearl In The Shell
Like To Get To Know You Well
Things Can Only Get Better
Look Mama
Life In One Day
No One Is To Blame
All I Want
You Know I Love You Don't You
Everlasting Love
The Prisoner
Lift Me Up
Tears To Tell
Tomorrow Is Now
Let The People Have Their Say
Soon You'll Go
Building Our Own Future

Like To Get To Know You Well (London Version)
Everlasting Love ( Alternative Version)
Tears to Tell ( Blue Tint Version)

Re: Howard Jones

"The DVD will work in all Players and has no regional restrictions, it is in NTSC format so it will work in both NTSC and PAL formatted machines."

God I hate when they do this, especially when the artist had most (if not all) of their success in PAL territories. I would have bought this DVD if it was in PAL.

The upcoming Bananarama DVD releases (with each album reissued) are also going to be NTSC. I think I'll stick with my PAL VHS-sourced clips yet again.