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Chrissy Amphlett Tribute/Divinyls Special on Rage 27/04/2013.

Hi, I'm new to this forum and was just wondering if anyone may have recorded the Divinyls special that was recently broadcast on the Saturday morning edition of Rage on 27.04.13?
As a long term Divinyls fan, I was devastated by Chrissy Amphlett's death and extremely disappointed that I didn't get to see this tribute. Some of the clips were available to watch on ABC IView, but my computer is not capable of accessing IView so I've yet to see the special.
If anyone out there did record it and is willing to burn me a copy to disc, I would very much appreciate it. I am happy to pay anyone for their trouble and of course, supply them with media and cover the postage costs. I did plead with Rage to rebroadcast the special, but was informed that this will not be possible.
Anyway, if anyone can help out with my request, I would be eternally grateful. I can forward my email address and mobile phone number if you would like to contact me. Cheers, Phil

Re: Chrissy Amphlett Tribute/Divinyls Special on Rage 27/04/2013.

I have a VHS copy of this Rage special that I taped it on VHS video and I'm going to copy it into DVD by going to a shop about transfer vinyl into CD and VHS video tapes into DVD if I'm going to sent this DVD copy to you so here's my email address at nic_wal8@hotmail.com.

Re: Chrissy Amphlett Tribute/Divinyls Special on Rage 27/04/2013.

Thanks for that Nicholas, I have just sent you an email.
If anyone has recorded this Divinyls Rage special to dvd (as opposed to VHS tape), I would appreciate it if you could still get in touch.
Kind regards, Phil