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Black Medicine

Over the past few months I have been going though my collection of old tapes and this week I found 2 tapes containing promotional material for a West Australian movie called Black Medicine. The tapes contain a review and interview with the director on a program called State Affair, 15 minutes of promotional footage of the actual film and also a Music video for the movie by a band called Trillogy, the song is called Fight Like The Devil.

I have done some searching and I cannot turn up any information on the movie Black Medicine and very little about the band Trilogy. Does anybody know more about either of these?

Re: Black Medicine

The band Trilogy was around 1983-1986 and they released an album in 1984 - Life On Earth.

That would be a super rare clip, would love to get a copy of that. Fantastic the stuff that turns up.

Re: Black Medicine

Happy to oblige, seems to be a copy of a copy though and the tape has been blanked right on the end of the clip so there was probably more videos after the song which have been erased.

Copy and Paste:

Re: Black Medicine

Read your bit about BLACK MEDICINE i played a part in this movie what do you want to find out about the show

Re: Black Medicine

link doesn't work!

Re: Black Medicine

Hello Hyperboloid

Michael is dead right it seems that there is an error with the link, would there be any chance of trying again?


Re: Black Medicine

If hyperboloid can't provide a clip just yet then it is here on youtube


I might have to see if I can source it from somewhere

Re: Black Medicine

Such a long time since I put that up. That website was a friends website which he lost sometime in 2012, the provider didn't approve of the way we used their service.

Since Youtube is a little less crappy these days I made a Black Medicine channel and have put a newer and much less crappier transfer video up as well as some other tapes relating to Black Medicine.