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Most Wanted 1986 Countdowns

In an effort to find out which Countdown episodes people would like to see that have never been shown on Rage Retro, I am asking anyone who is interested to name their favourite unrepeated episodes.

The following is a list of 1986 Countdowns that have never been shown on Rage. The episode details can be found in the "Countdown Archives" section of this site. Please select any 3 in the order of your preference for votes towards 1986 episodes.

- January 5 1986 Summer Show No 2
- January 12 1986 Summer Show No 3
- January 19 1986 Summer Show No 4
- January 26 1986 Summer Show No 5
496 February 16 1986 Martin Plaza (Mental As Anything)
497 February 23 1986 Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits)
498 March 2 1986 Marc and Nadja (Jump Incorporated)
499 March 9 1986 Molly (interviews Stevie Nicks)
500 March 16 1986 Tim Finn
501 March 23 1986 Bernie Lynch and Grace Knight (Eurogliders)
502 March 30 1986 Brian Mannix (Uncanny X-Men)
503 April 6 1986 Rik and Tim (Venetians)
504 April 13 1986 Spencer and Billy (The Johnnys)
505 April 20 1986 Live program prior to Countdown Awards
506 April 27 1986 Robert Blackwood (Molly chose him at a Sting concert)
508 May 11 1986 Molly (interviews Lloyd Cole & The Commotions)
510 May 25 1986 Video Story Board Competition
511 June 1 1986 Martin Plaza (Mental As Anything)
512 June 8 1986 Steve Williams and Paul Gray (Wa Wa Nee)
513 June 15 1986 Brian Canham (Pseudo Echo)
514 June 22 1986 Replacement program - Oz For Africa highlights
516 July 6 1986 Molly (interviews in London)
518 July 20 1986 Russell Mulcahy (film producer)
520 no episode August 3 1986 due to Commonwealth Games
521 August 10 1986 Molly (interviews Elton John re. Tour)
522 August 17 1986 Molly (interviews Elton John re. marriage)
523 August 24 1986 Molly (interviews Bananarama)
524 August 31 1986 Molly (interviews Neil Finn and Paul Hester)
525 September 7 1986 Molly (interviews Red Symons)
527 September 21 1986 Gavin Wood (live Uncanny X-Men, Dragon, Hoodoo Gurus, Reels)
528 September 28 1986 Stephen Cummings (insert show)
530 October 12 1986 Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill (Simple Minds)
531 October 19 1986 Angry Anderson and Joe Cocker
532 October 26 1986 Molly (from Adelaide Grand Prix)
533 November 2 1986 Elton John
534 November 9 1986 Molly (interviews David Sylvian)
535 November 16 1986 John Farnham
536 November 23 1986 Molly (Australian Made Tour)
537 November 30 1986 Kate Ceberano and Zan (I’m Talking)
538 December 7 1986 Brian Mannix (Uncanny X-Men)
539 December 14 1986 Live show

Re: Most Wanted 1986 Countdowns

My three 1986 requests are:

HOST: Molly. REASON: This features the winners of the video storyboard competition and sounds like a great ep highlighting the creativity that Molly attempted to inspire in younger viewers at the time.

HOST: Russell Mulcahy. REASON: Russell has always been a very interesting person to listen to and he chats about his film Highlander plus his long video clip career. Sounds like a 'must see' this one.

HOST: Molly. REASON: This ep is from the Adelaide Grand Prix and I've chose this purely as a local Adelaide boy wanting to see how the place looked back then. Plus the fact 1986 was South Australia's 150th year of foundation, sounds like a great ep to see.

Re: Most Wanted 1986 Countdowns

My 3 for '86:

1. 20/7/86 - Russell Mulcahy, Molly getting smoked out by dry ice, Sam Fox IV (and No.1), Boom Crash Opera 'Hands up in the air', Dr and the Medics 'Spirit in the Sky'

2. 23/11/86 - the 'Australian Made' theme and IVs, Big Pig 'Hungry Town', A-ha 'I've been losing you', Duran Duran 'Notorious' (Although any ep from late '86 would do, an era very much overlooked in the rage reruns)

3. 2/3/86 - Wall of Voodoo 'Far side of crazy', Charlie Sexton 'Beats so lonely', V Capri 'That's the way', Spaniards 'What can I do' live, Mr Mister 'Kyrie'

With apologies to the 'Adelaide GP' episode

Re: Most Wanted 1986 Countdowns

15/06/1986 - Brian Canham hosting and including Pseudo Echo performing live in the Countdown studio with "Living In A Dream" PLUS A-ha and Flotsam Jetsam also live in the studio! *** Also features Lana Pellay and Samantha Fox helping Molly with the UK Top 5! AND Countdown dancers dancing to Devo's "Here To Go"... I WANT THIS SHOW BAAAAADLY!!!!!!!

20/07/1986 - Fabulous episode with Icehouse, John Justin and Wa Wa Nee all performing live in the studio PLUS clips from the fabulous Kissing The Pink, Boom Crash Opera and Dr & The Medics

02/11/1986 - Features a very obscure band Manikins with "What Are You On". Really kooky female singer and would LOVE to see this performance! This episode also features performances in the Countdown studio from Geisha, John Justin and Crowded House.

Re: Most Wanted 1986 Countdowns

I remember the Manikins. I won their single on the radio back in late '87. It was "Cruel World/Dracula's Slut". I remember showing it to my sister when I won it and she was shocked to see that song title! - but what a title?

Re: Most Wanted 1986 Countdowns

and yes Jason, the 2/11/86 hosted by Elton & Molly. Live studio audience is a bonus. Shows with videos back to back can be boring (unless all/most of the vids are rare), there's no real excitement in the show without a studio audience.

Re: Most Wanted 1986 Countdowns

20/7/1986 Russell Mulcahy with Wa Wa Nee, Crowded House, Icehouse and John Justin all live

2/11/1986 Geisha, Manikins, John Justin and Crowded House live with good selection of clips from Big Pig, Paul Young, Nik Kershaw, Ric Ocasek, Bananarama, Belinda Carlisle and Paul Kelly

7/9/1986 Molly interviews Red Symons with Wa Wa Nee, Boom Crash Opera, Pseudo Echo and Geisha live, clips that you don't see every day from Sinitta, Daryl Hall, Peter Cetera and Steve Winwood

Apologies to 15/6/1986 Pseudo Echo, Flotsam Jetsam and a-ha live & 26/10/86 Grand Prix.

Re: Most Wanted 1986 Countdowns - Episode 506 Robert Blackwood

Molly chose me out of a crowd of kids after a Sting concert at Festival Hall. Ben Elton had last minute cancelled co hosting and Molly recruited me to stand in for Ben Elton. I was only 14 years old. Completely random, though made me famous at my tram stop for six months... Lucky my awesome step dad was there to keep an eye on things. Molly was a quirky one, Gavin Wood was the star of the show in my eyes. They both signed the Humdrum vinyl album for me as a souvenir which I still have framed on display - Hunters & Collectors - Human Frailty.
Hope to see the episodes repeated on Rage or similar again some day, what a legendary show.

Re: Most Wanted 1986 Countdowns

Here's my three requests for the episodes of Countdown which was made and went to air thirty-five years ago:
1. April 27 1986 Robert Blackwood (Molly chose him at a Sting concert)
It was a dream come true for this fan to host the show while he went to see Sting in Melbourne or Sydney.
2. May 25 1986 Video Story Board Competition
I want to find out what the music video was, I think it was Mental As Anything in one of the books about Australian music which it was published in 1986 or '87 that I read before.
3. September 28 1986 Stephen Cummings (insert show)
It had music videos by Samantha Fox, Billy Joel [A Matter Of Trust], Cutting Crew [I Just Died In Your Arms], Genesis [In Too Deep], John Farnham [You're The Voice] and Paul Simon [You Can Call Me All with Chevy Chase guest appeared in it] and it also had a clip of Molly's guest appearance on Neighbours.

Re: Most Wanted 1986 Countdowns - Episode 506 Robert Blackwood

Wow Rob,

Lucky you!

I recall another kid being chosen to host with Molly in 1986, that must be you!!!


I hope rage play that episode so you can own it!