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I actually watched the Rock Arena for the first 21 Stephen Cummings video's as I ADORE Mr Cummings!

The first video "Stuck on love" was AMAZING!

BUT what was even MORE *** MAGNIFIQUE *** was Miss Suzanne Dowling! ... Her outfit ROCKED my world and her sipping the tea was gorgeous.

She is SUCH a brilliant host :-)

Re: ROCK ARENA, 1986

Suzanne was perfect and with another great outfit as usual. I'm sure she didn't intend to be drinking tea as the camera came in but she just glided into the next segment flawlessly as she placed it to one side.

I'm going to have to try this URL images thing as well, it looks good and brightens up the forum.

Re: ROCK ARENA, 1986

Suzanne Dowling is delightful! I'm glad they pulled out a Rock Arena with her in it at last and I wouldn't mind seeing at least one more this year!

Except why at 5.30am? C'mon Rage...that could've gone between 2.00am and 3.10am on saturday, not friggin' Marilyn bloody Manson.

Re: ROCK ARENA, 1986

While I didn't mind Marilyn Manson in the late 90s last Sunday mornings programming was the not the correct time for those clips to be played in my book. On a positive note I really enjoyed the 1980 Countdown with Daryl Braithwaite and Bette Midler interview footage for movie "The Rose" if you haven't seen it it's well worth a look as I have been waiting for that so thank you to whomever requested that show.

Sharon clip & Sousie & Banshees clip great also. Even though it has been played a number of times already and the hour would have been better spent with airing a "Countdown" that we haven't seen yet I did quite enjoy the "Countdown End Of Decade" show as I had not seen it in a while. For me the highlight would be "Olivia Newton-John" early GTK footage and 79 interview on the set of movie "Xanadu" though it was good to see many of our artists of the era's again. Gee where have they all gone since. Music isn't what it once was and we will probably never see that type of musical genius again.