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The Everly Brothers

Don't scoff, there's a lot of people watching RAGE who have been complaining about the lack of Everly Brothers material on the show... the same ones who stayed up several hours past their bed time to watch the Roy Orbison set a few weeks ago!

Re: The Everly Brothers


focus on the 84 episode... must find coffee..

Re: The Everly Brothers

The Everly Borothers were just so BORING.


I had to go and make a snack for 1984 which is in the oven now and change the channel.

I don't have it on ABC atm until Recovery finishes. NO WAY I am giving that S H I T a rating!

Re: The Everly Brothers

You aren't missing anything Jason.

Re: The Everly Brothers

I know I'm not!

My friend told me to quickly look at Mr Mason. Ewww, what a poor man's Mr Alice Cooper.

I have changed the channel again!

Come on Sharon O'Neill and 1984 COUNTDOWN!

Re: The Everly Brothers

Sharon's clip was brilliant. So talented and sexy. Loved the old guy with the guitar as well!

There was a strange blip towards the end. It looked like damage to me, I've seen similar on old Doctor Who marterial. I could be wrong but it didn't look like a transmission error.

Re: The Everly Brothers

Yes, the lines at the end of Sharon's clip was tape damage. But it wasn't too long and it didn't affect the sound, so that's a good thing.

Re: The Everly Brothers

Speaking of Alice Cooper...'Behind The Music - Alice Cooper' is on MTV Classic (formerly VH1) tonight at 10pm. Not a big fan, but you gotta love what he has done in his career and what he's achieved - a true original. (ie f#@k you Marilyn Manson! and others)

Re: The Everly Brothers

As a curio the Hippies With Money segment was interesting - not my cup of tea by any means but why Rage have mostly avoided digging into their archives this year has been a mystery.

Was this show a one off or a regular program? Was before my time so have no idea.

My feelings on Retro this year are well known - but I wish Rage would stop being lazy and taking genuine note of people's requests and unearthing more stuff like Flashez, C. Revolution, Rock Arena, etc.

Waiting 12 months is way too long and confirms the need for a dedicated Retro channel - I'll put my hand up to be a programmer!

Re: The Everly Brothers

Actually, the Everly Brothers had a hit in 1984 with On the Wings of a Nightingale written by Paul McCartney. I liked Bowling Green (1967) chiefly because of the way they rhymed "A man in Kentucky" with "sure is lucky". Some of their stuff is politically incorrect in the 21st century, eg: Poor Jenny (1958) which details Jenny being bashed at a party and complains about her attitude after the bashing.

Re: The Everly Brothers

I hope that's not the same Jenny who had a speaker fall on her in 1970!