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1980 Countdown


I am worried.

Just looked on rage website and in the Message board rage says the show is starting at 12:57 YET on the Playlist it says 12:30

Does this mean the first half an hour of 1980 will be cut????!!!!!

It better NOT be, otherwise we only have one measly Countdown in 1984 all night!

They have 2 Playlists up with the SAME content yet one is 12:30 and the other is 12:56????

Not that I am going to LOVE the 1980 Countdown to pieces but at least that's 2 un repeated COuntdown's rather than just ONE :-(

I swear, next weekend and the one after better be good. rage need to SERIOUSLY step up because if they don't then it's just a waste of January :-(

Darn, I am scared now :-(

Re: 1980 Countdown

It should all be OK. The original start time was 11:55 and they dropped it back to 12:57 and removed one Countdown which is just under an hour so that would probably be right. Some of the times on the lists are way out anyhow.

What worries me is that they edit little bits and pieces now if there is some copyright such as the closing theme to the 10 Anniversary show and the Kiss movie segment.

What happens if a copyrighted piece is in the top 10? Do they just remove it or can they show the image but remove the soundtrack?

Re: 1980 Countdown

Hi Jason, GuruBob

The playlist from below is hidden in Rages Guests & Special section and is far more accurate. So fear not - the whole episode is being shown.

I am not sure why the shorter version is so inaccurate - the standards of the Rage team are dropping. Seems to be the way these days. Too many work-experience Gen Y 21-year olders who find it hard to communicate except in text-speak lingo and Facebook/Twitter.

COUNTDOWN Feburary 17th 1980 (ABC)
THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS Sexxy - Live On Recovery (ABC)
THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS Till My Head Falls Off- Live On Recovery (ABC)
THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS Recovery March 22nd, 1997 (ABC)
SKUNKHOUR Up To Our Necks (Epic)
SKUNKHOUR Breathing Through My Eyes - Live On Recovery (ABC)
SKUNKHOUR Recovery March 22nd, 1997 (ABC)
SUPERGRASS Recovery March 22nd, 1997 (ABC)
SUPERGRASS Mansize Rooster (EMI)
MARILYN MANSON Recovery March 22nd 1997 (ABC)
MARILYN MANSON Dope Hat (Universal)
MARILYN MANSON Torniquet (Universal (MCA))
EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN Die Interimsliebenden (Mushroom)
SHARON O'NEILL Waiting For You (CBS)
COUNTDOWN 21 October, 1984 (ABC)
ROCK ARENA July 22nd, 1986 (ABC)

Re: 1980 Countdown

@Guru - that is exactly right.

I've said for awhile now I've been concerned Rage may edit Countdowns to fit a timeslot/whatever and so far they've done it twice this season.

And yes Rage DID edit out a Top 10 - remember that August 1981 ep hosted by Dave Mason shown during Retro 2009? The Top 10 was edited out for no reason at all.

What's been of concern to me is reading the ABSOLUTE LIES of some posters on the Rage forum saying that 'there aren't many Countdowns in the archives anyway' or 'there are only 50 or so available'. What rubbish! It's a well known FACT there are over 200 waiting to be aired plus literally hundreds of hrs of The Factory, Beatbox, Countdown Revolution, Rock Arena etc from over the decades - MORE THAN ENOUGH to fill Rage for years!

It's been so frustrating knowing Rage has access to these classic shows and don't show them. I realise Rage is the only place that shows - supposedly - complete Countdowns and that one shouldn't bite the hands that feed me, but seriously - I've been waiting all year to be fed some Retro goodness and if I'm served garbage I'm not going to sat back and eat it!

Rage should pull their socks up in the next 2 weeks - this Retro season so far has been simply appalling.

Re: 1980 Countdown

Let's make sure we all tell them in one topic post after the final January night, if indeed is still the horrendous month we're all predicting.

Re: 1980 Countdown

Yes, retro rage has been overall S H I T. This would have to be the first January that I haven't enjoyed.

The reasons being:

1. repeated/edited episodes.
2. total disregard for their retro fans who also watch rage all year long.
3. screening time. To think that I (we) had to wait til 1am Sat night/Sun morning to get a fix. That's no way to enjoy rage in January!
4. Playlist timings.
5. Narelle no longer works there. Let someone who is a bit older program retro January and knows the shows and content.

Re: 1980 Countdown

5. Narelle no longer works there. Let someone who is a bit older program retro January and knows the shows and content.

Totally agree, Michael!
With the changing of the guard at Rage as most of the older, long term staff gradually left, all the knowledge and passion has sadly been lost.
Afraid it's only going to get worse as younger and younger people join Rage....Countdown really means nothing to them as it was around long before they were born.
They most probably regard it as an ancient, daggy old show for old fogeys!

Re: 1980 Countdown

"They most probably regard it as an ancient, daggy old show for old fogeys!"

Soo true, you can definitely get that vibe.. It's ridiculous though, especially as it is "Retro Month" and daggy old shows should be embraced during such a time!

Why they showed Marilyn Manson is beyond me... and it definitely shows how little the Rage programmers know about their audience during this time and music history in general!