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rage facebook

PLEASE those on this Forum BOMBARD the rage facebook page with our loathing of this weekends terrible programming!


Re: rage facebook

Good idea. The Gen Yers there probably take more notice of it than anything else. The other good thing is that it is not moderated. Only you or Facebook can remove your post once its up.

Re: rage facebook

Hopping to it now!

Re: rage facebook

Good lads

Thanks for the support :-)

We ALL have to make a stand ! ! !

Re: rage facebook

Ive added a comment.. I hope you guys like it :)

Re: rage facebook

I totally support most of the sentiments I have read on Rage's Facebook. I have no idea on how to use Facebook, don't even know how to add a comment. I loved the music of the 80's but unfortunately my advancement in technology is also still back there, it hasn't advanced since I upgraded from a MC-10 to a Commodore 64 computer. I would only be reiterating what has already been put there anyhow, keep up the good effort guys.

Who is Maryanne Surname? Seems to be a great Countdown fanatic on Facebook but I don't think she is on this forum, definitely should be though. She's already said everything I would have added.

Re: rage facebook

Do 'Rage' actually read the comments on the facebook page properly though? I know they claim to take note of suggestions/requests there etc., but I've never seen them reply to anyone's comment.

Re: rage facebook

I'm Maryanne Surname!! hehehe..... I wanna start a revolution for change at Rage headquarters. Those responsible for the programming this year need to realise the viewers will not stand by silently while they impose their own musical tastes on to the general public!!

Re: rage facebook


Re: rage facebook

Well guys 'n' gals, I have had enough. I really have. This weekend's programming was LAME to say the least - and I have joined the folks on the Rage facebook page and just spewed forth a few paragraphs on my disappointment about not only this weekend but their idea of retro in general.

What I put up there is reproduced in full below:

What can I say but ditto, ditto and ditto! Rage, rage, rage...what ARE you doing..I'm not sure what the problem is - a while back, Countdown and others were rescued from the archives and transferred to Rage's on-air system, Digital Betacam ...tape, and the Rage guestbook moderator did say at one point that they have the broadcast rights but not the rights to release the episodes to the public. Okay, well, if it's the case, (and we now have FOUR abc channels), how about showing them a little more? It's such a waste, especially on ABC3 where it shuts down each night for something like 9 to 10 hours!

Countdown episodes despite the bare minimum being available from the 70's programs does still have quite a collection and there are still over 200 episodes that have yet to be replayed since they first went to air in the 80's. At last count I heard four from 1975, three from 1976 and eight from 1977 is all that's left of this period - but what happens? Well...we get episodes that have been on three or four times before. Latest case is "end of the decade" which has been on about three or four times before this year.

For retro weeks four and five for 2011 I seriously hope there's some improvement - I can't remember a retro month as lame as this, honestly. The reason why we're all up in arms about it, especially now, is because ABC have now four times the bandwidth in the form of four channels, one of which closes for up to 10 hours every night, and the fact Countdown etc is ONLY shown in January of every year. That's 4/5 weeks out of 52. If the ABC have the rights to broadcast a 100% ABC production, then what the hell is the problem in airing this stuff on ABC2 or ABC3?? It's no use making new digital masters and then letting THEM sit and rot until they can no longer be played - digital betacam is still tape and therefore is prone to errors.

Also the 1.00am start saturday night bugged me - not because of the flooding news (of course my heart goes out to those poor people), but the fact summer heights high and a couple of other shows were on at 11.30 to 1.00am - fer chrissake, why didn't Rage start at 11.30pm then?? And if its a case of delaying it for daylight saving, with all the technology available then just simply delay the Sydney broadcast - so what if it finishes an hour later on sunday morning in those states as planned? Big deal! The minute you start truncating stuff it can really irk people.

OK, I've had my say but Rage, c'mon team, PLEASE seriously consider putting through some kind of proposal to programming to turn the shutdown time on ABC3 into a music video slot where all these wonderful old shows are shown, or get them programmed elsewhere. Let's hope it's not RIP Countdown next year :-/

Re: rage facebook

Totally agree with what everyone has said on here and on Facebook about all this.

I won't repeat myself as I've already written my views here, on Rage's Facebook page and on Rage's Forum.

It saddens me seeing such a waste of airtime when something like ABC3 shuts down for hrs and yet the archives are groaning with fantastic shows waiting to be aired.

Hopefully if everyone gets together and keeps on at them via Facebook and elsewhere they'll get the message - surely someone will take notice one day!

Re: rage facebook

Yes, we won't give up either!!

It's not fair that we only get 4/5 days out of a year to see this stuff, and yet old Top of the Pops episodes get played all the time in England.

**** Australia and its love of sport above culture and music.

(hey I just realised you can't write d a m n on this forum hehehe)

Re: rage facebook


(hey I just realised you can't write d a m n on this forum hehehe)

You can, but you just have to be inventive, e.g.



Re: rage facebook