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Late 80's promo videos for sale on ebay

I don't know if anyone is interested in late 80's/early 90's promo videos but there are some listed for sale on ebay.(I think this may be Nathan who, if I have this right, posts on here from time to time)

As they have no Australian content and are a little after my era of choice I have no direct interest in these but there are many rare clips on these releases and they may interest some. These were released in the UK so would be of greatest interest to those who like UK material.

Here is a link:

Re: Late 80's promo videos for sale on ebay

Copied the link but no go.

I am interested in ANY UK from the 80s!!!

My fault, is working now...

Not HEAPS that I am interested in BUT I bid on 2 of them :-)

One for E.G Daily's "Mind Over Matter" :-)

The other for Eighth Wonder with "Cross My heart"

I want to bid on the other for "Downtown" '88 by Petula Clark, I have it from my old taped 1989 video but would like a crisper copy :-)

Re: Late 80's promo videos for sale on ebay

*hires guru as my publicist*

Yep, 'tis moi.

I've got 2 crates' worth of VHS compilations that I want to get rid of eventually. There are many Video Pools [the best/my favourite] amongst the lot, although this is most of what I have left from the 80s that I haven't sold yet. I have a December 1987 one and a 1984 one that I haven't listed yet. The rest are from the 90s. I haven't sold anything on eBay for over 2 years, have been putting it off. I remember last time literally having to spend an hour in the post office one day to pack/address things and fill in customs forms , so I'm starting 'small'.

Re: Late 80's promo videos for sale on ebay

Oooooh, a 1984 one?????????? PLEASE TELL US MORE!

Well, hopefully I win the 2 I am bidding on!

Re: Late 80's promo videos for sale on ebay

The '84 one has these on it:

Abc How To Be A Millionaire

Art Of Noise Close To The Edit

Aswad 54-46 (Was My Number)

Bananarama Hotline To Heaven

Chaka Khan I Feel For You

Divine I'm So Beautiful

Duran Duran Wild Boys

Eddy Grant Boys In The Street

Elton John Who Wears These Shoes

Feargal Sharkey Listen To Your Father

Grace Jones Living My Life

Heaven 17 This Is Mine

Human League Louise

Jermain Jackson/P.Zadora When The Rain

John Waite Missing You

Julian Lennon Too Late For Goodbyes

Kim Wilde The Second Time

Level 42 The Chant Has Begun

Lionel Richie Penny Lover

Meatloaf Modern Girl

Paul Mccartney No More Lonely Nights

Sam Harris Sugar Don't Bite

Spandau Ballet Highly Strung

Style Council Shout To The Top

Talking Heads Slippery People

Ultravox Love's Great Adventure

Vanity Pretty Mess

Zz Top Dimme All Your Lovin

I'm yet to transfer it to DVD myself though.

Re: Late 80's promo videos for sale on ebay

OMG Nathan,

It has Divine's "I'm So Beautiful" !!! :-) *****

If I don't win this video could you PLEASE put it to DVD for me and I will pay you whatever you like.

And it has VANITY!


Please let me know when you put it on Ebay OR I will pay you Privately out of Ebay with whatever price you want and I am very SERIOUS!!!

Re: Late 80's promo videos for sale on ebay

at 'whatever price you want'.

I've got an NTSC DVD of Vanity clips (has Nasty Girl, He's So Dull, Pretty Mess, and solo Vanity's Under the Influence) + TV performances. It's watchable, but generally not perfect picture/sound quality for most of the clips.

Re: Late 80's promo videos for sale on ebay

Would u accept $50.00 for the 1984 official video?

If you want more let me know and I shall do!