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03 MARCH 1985

Does this episode bring back some memories!

I'm afraid I find the Billy Ocean 'Lover Boy' clip as perplexing as I did back in 1985.

'Respect Yourself' is a good song despite the overt moralism!!!

The hair! The hair! Surely our generation was responsible for the hole in the ozone layer due to all the aerosols released by the overuse of hair spray!!!

I'm pretty sure I saw this episode when it first went to air alnost 26 years ago! My first year in High School... my first serious crush... so many firsts... but I digress.

Such a pity eps from 85-87 (and even the 89-90 Revolution ones) are so under-represented in the playlists. Sometimes I think those years have been airbrushed from our cultural history!

This one made it all worthwhile for me.

Re: 03 MARCH 1985

Wasn't a bad ep at all - probably the best of the night for my tastes.

I'm a big Pointer Sisters fan and enjoyed seeing their clip, also the ones for Maria Vidal and Glen Frey were great too.

I noticed this ep went on for over 57 minutes - quite long for a typical Countdown show for the time.

But the 1985 ep that I want to see the most - and was mentioned on last night's show - is the Spandau Ballet/Time Bandits one. I've requested this one several times on the Rage forum and would love to see it.

Fingers crossed they show this in the coming weeks.

Re: 03 MARCH 1985

I don't know why rage never choose the 17/03/1985 with Spandau Ballet!

I have been asking for it for years and years and years.

I didn't ask this year as I got over asking and left it to Patrick :-)

They have played the week after Spandau years ago and now the week before.

ALWAYS sooo close yet sooo far away!

10/03/1985 last night was good but had to much US content in it for my liking. Any 1985 is FAB though. Geez the intro KILLED me. Not as much talking from Gavin!

The 1981 Episode was THE highlight of the night for me though.

Overall though the night was a tad bland indeed...

Re: 03 MARCH 1985

I've just posted on the Rage forum -again - my request for that Spandau Ballet 1985 ep.

It seems they appeared on Countdown 2 weeks in a row -on the 17 March ep - featuring Time Bandits and then on the following week on 24 March.

So if Rage play either that'd be great - according to the run sheets Spandau Ballet appear quite a bit in both eps.

As for last night's 85 ep....yes I noticed the 'uninterupted' opening titles as well - first time I've ever seen the 85 titles like that. A pleasant small surprise to see such a rarity - maybe that's why it was chosen as I can't recall anyone asking for it in the forums?

Re: 03 MARCH 1985

I had suggested the March 10 1985 episode from last night as it contained many clips that you don't see often.

On most Countdowns there would be one, maybe 2 clips, I am interested in and the rest are usually common. For me it is mostly the live performances from Australian bands so Uncanny X-Men, I'm Talking and Full Marks (from Adelaide) was really good. I enjoy watching any Countdown but if they don't have too many common clips it makes them more fun. Those clips from Maria Vidal (I know it appeared last Wildcard but hasn't surfaced much at all), Murray Head, Billy Ocean, Jim Diamond and Glenn Frey were ones I enjoyed that year and the female compilation was good. I loved that episode last night and for me was the highlight along with the Marginal Era clip on Sat morning.

I am not actually too fussed about March 17 anymore, although I had been requesting that for years as I enjoyed seeing Alides and Ake hosting back in '85 and still wouldn't mind seeing it again, but I now have the Time Bandits live performance from that episode and the Spandau interview. I also have the 2 Spandau live performances from March 24 (Highly Strung and Revenge For Love) - they were good performances but Tony Hadley decided to participate in a short term ridiculous fashion of cutting segments out of your clothing. He was as usual fairly immaculately dressed but had two panels cut out of his suit which looked very odd.

The March 24 episode also had Uncanny X-Men - The Party (live) repeated from the episode we have just seen and Jacko - I'm An Individual (which was shown a few years ago on the sweaty special). The only rare clips are probably The Pookah Makes Three (which I have on a good compilation version, more complete than it is on this episode) and The Radiators - A Bit Of Pain Never Hurts and they have cut of most of the extended intro from that song on this episode. Depeche Mode, Glenn Frey (also on last nights episode) and The Angels are not hard clips to find. What in particular interests you about this episode? You don't strike me as a fan of Jacko, The Radiators, Uncanny X-Men or The Angels so is it mainly the Spandau material? If they don't play it this Retro I could make a copy of that for you.

Re: 03 MARCH 1985

I ADORE what Tony is wearing on the Spandau edition!

I TO want the Spandau epsiode because I would love to have the WHOLE episode!

I have the 2 performances BUT don't have a good copy of Time Bandits, I have seen it before and maybe once had it. I always wanted rage to play that episode mainly for Pookah Makes Three but now have a crisp and FULL copy * THANK GOODNES, as Pookah is my FAV track of 1985 without a doubt! Also want rage to play it for Time Bandits and the bits of Spandau hosting.

The Spandau performances aren't bad on it BUT I prefer earlier Spandau when they were New Romantic *****

But overall I still think rage should play this episode as it's just ridiculous that they haven't yet. I don't think the episode from 10th march 1985 had that many RARE clips in it really, but hey....

And yes, the I'm Talking "Trust Me" in the studio was FAB.... BUT it's also on the Countdown WONDER YEARS DVD without a logo :-)

Re: 03 MARCH 1985

Hey Guru

I requested the Spandau Ballet ep last year as well - considering they were on a tour with Tears for Fears at the time I thought it would have made for a great double - although in the end Rage only played the Tears for Fears 85 ep last time.

As I said I've already posted my request on the forum although I doubt Rage would play it this year seeing as one assumes they've already planned this January's Retro season.

I was mainly interested in seeing the episode to see how they go hosting it. We've already seen episodes with most of the major 80's groups hosting already so thought having one featuring Spandau Ballet would complete that cycle.

Re: 03 MARCH 1985

I totally agree Patrick!

I requested this episode for b l o o d y years and didn't get why rage were NOT paying attention.

I stopped asking as I got sick of it, hopefully they will listen to you :-)

Re: 03 MARCH 1985

Fingers crossed they do !

Further to Guru's reply, no I'm not a fan of Jacko and only like some of The Angels tunes and yes I'm keen on the Spandau Ballet ep mainly because of them.

Good job in suggesting last night's 1985 ep though - a very enjoyable episode - and I loved I'm Talking's performance in it as well.

Another thing I noticed in that ep was when Molly said during Humdrum "so do fans really want to pay $20 to see Van Halen and the Rolling Stones?"

I burst out laughing at that comment - it's truly remarkable (and scary) how much ticket prices have risen since then - fans would kill to see those groups for prices like that these days!

$20 sounds pretty cheap even for 1985 come to think of it - where's my time machine I want to go back!!!

Re: 03 MARCH 1985

I MUST go on this TIME MACHINE as well.

No way I am staying in 2011 if I could go back in time!

And I MUST see Steve Norman as part hosting on the Spandau 1985 episode!

Re: 03 MARCH 1985

I do hope we get that episode one day, I remember supporting it last year when you mentioned it while they were touring. For me it will be just enjoying watching another episode I haven't seen in full for 25 years if we actually get to see it. I can't actually remember what they were like hosting it but they were just about always enthusiastic.

I do have a segment where they appeared on the Mike Walsh Show during the same tour and were interviewed there and were very good. I also have the segments of when they were interviewed on an episode of Wavelength around Sept 1984 but assume that the interview must have been done overseas.

Re: 03 MARCH 1985

Does anyone have this clip on DVD?
I'm really interested in seeing the Laura Branigan video!
Please help, and email me @ whackojacko_2009@hotmail.com